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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Santa Claus on “Benevolent Government” — Ron Paul’s 2017 Christmas Message

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Ron Paul
Friday, December 22, 2017 at 7:35am

Government is not Mother Teresa.

It’s not “caring,” or “compassionate,” or “humanitarian.”

It doesn’t “help” the poor . . . . It multiplies them.

It doesn’t “run the economy” . . . . It destroys it.

It doesn’t “spread freedom” . . . It squashes it.

Government is violent force.

Either that force is chained down by a Constitution, or like a fire, it’ll spread and burn down everything in its path.

H/T Sam Damewood


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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rex’s Latest Inanity

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OK, folks, I’m writing to comment upon Rex May’s latest bit of inanity to “grace” the e-pages of The Libertarian Enterprise

Whatever TLE readers think of Rex’s cartooning talents, let’s face it – his abilities with creating content in the prose format are . . . somewhat lacking.

In fact, they’re mostly copy-and-paste jobs from other people’s blogs and sites. The article linked to here is a prime example of this.

In the first paragraph of last week’s “article,” he just about brags about his emulation of the Joe Biden’s research and writing techniques:

“This could get complicated, so bear with me. First, I did THIS POST a few days back, and note that I didn’t write it—It’s mostly a reprint from John Craig’s blog, HERE. That’s clear? Okay. Now, Vulture of Critique has reacted very cleverly and incisively to John’s clever and incisive post which I cleverly and incisively reblogged, thus”

By the way, this is how Obama created Obamacare. He didn’t develop it on his own – he simply copied and pasted it over from Romney’s plan in Massachusetts, courtesy of Jon Gruber, the MIT economics professor who helped Romney with it in 2005 / 2006.

Thus I ask the staff and readers of TLE :

Is this sort of thing really necessary?

What exactly is the mission, the raison d’etre, for TLE ?

How does publishing copy-and-paste jobs from a white nationalist / conservative camp follower further that mission?

Is TLE jumping the shark?


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Sunday, 7 October 2012


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Current mood: cranky

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: What the Fuck?!
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 02:16:05
From: Mike Blessing
To: Ken Holder, L. Neil Smith

Neil / Ken –

Just now (Saturday, 6 October @ 1:15 AM), I saw the message in my inbox that TLE #691 was up on the web, so I went to check it out.

What did I see when I scrolled down a bit?

A cartoon by Rex May of Romney spanking Obama like a little kid.

I was under the impression that TLE was above this sort of WWE-style cheerleading for the DNC-vs-RNC dance of death that plagues us every two years.

When the (fascist) Democrat fights dirty and cheats, we’re supposed to jeer, yet when the (socialist) Republican pulls the same sort of dirty tricks, we’re supposed to cheer. Because, we all know, the Republican is the “lesser of two evils” good guy.

Anyone who has been reading TLE and similar media outlets for any length of time has no doubt seen numerous examples of stupidity, evil and insanity instigated by Republicans. But they’re the “lesser of two evils” bunch, correct?

For what it’s worth, I watched what’s been politely called a “debate” and saw the two clowns stammering out their “talking points” while making excuses for their track records and trying to score points on the other with witty one-liners.

Most of these one-liners were the same old, tired bits that we’ve all heard before from them, courtesy of the lamestream snoozemedia.

Still, I was quite amused that gun-grabber and health-care socializer Slick Willard had the audacity to talk about “free enterprise” and invoke the Declaration of Independence.

This is the same Slick Willard who supported TARP as signed by Bush, supported cap-and-trade for CO2 emissions, supported the GM bailout . . . . Need I go on?

About Mittens’ earlier promises to “repeal and replace Obamacare” – last Wednesday night he revealed exactly what he wants for the “replace” part of the scam – RomneyCare as implemented in 2006 in Massachusetts.

Here’s the funny part about this nonsense: he implied that he wants RomneyCare to replace ObamaCare, yet RomneyCare is what Jon Gruber (the MIT economics professor who helped RMonster put together the plan in Boston) pitched to the Obama Administration in 2009 as a template for Obamacare.

Meet the new bullshit, same as the old bullshit.

At first I was thinking that this was a bait-and-switch scam, but it’s more like the shell game that con artists play on the street – the ball, which was something like free-market health care, was nowhere to be found under any of the shells.

OK, this is the part where Rex starts behaving as a Romney-roid (think hemorrhoid, minus the rationality and principles) by screaming that I must want Obama re-elected, “If your not with us, your with Obama!!!!” that sort of thing.

Bring it on.

And if this sort of thing continues, then it’s probably time for a new front-page cartoonist on TLE. Let Rex peddle his Romney-porn somewhere else.


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Monday, 17 September 2007

Wipe Your Own Ass, America

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Wipe Your Own Ass, America

by Mike Blessing []

Libertarian columnist and science-fiction author L. Neil Smith, publisher of The Libertarian Enterprise, has been proposing various Constitutional amendments for a few years now. Some of these amendments include —

     The Official Secrets and Lies Amendment
     The Zeroth Amendment
     The Peace Amendment
     The Privacy Amendment

The neat thing about the amendments that El Neil proposes is that none of them have to actually go through the full process of being added to the Constitution — getting two-thirds supermajorities in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, followed by ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures — for them to have an effect upon the political discourse of the day. Each of them brings the nature of the State and its minions to the forefront.

A few years ago, Bill Koehler, my partner in offending the Greater Albuquerque area’s anti-libertarians, proposed a slogan for us to use on the TV shows that we work on together —

     “We’re the party that wants you to wipe your own ass.”

(Bill thinks that perhaps the LP could use some snob appeal, kind of like the U.S. Marine Corps’ ad pitch — “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.” I don’t disagree — maybe something along the lines of “Do you have what it takes to be a libertarian?” might come in handy at times.)

My proposed amendment simply codifies the opposite of Bill’s proposed slogan as a requirement for any individual seeking handouts from the American welfare state —

     Any person seeking funds from the federal government, without offering to perform any kind of service or provide any
     kind of product in exchange for said funds, shall first be required to prove in a public hearing that the person is
     physically unable to wipe his (or her) own backside after the excretory process.

I invite any lawyers reading this to suggest other ways of wording the above text, so long as the sentiment I’ve expressed remains intact.

Now some might say, “You don’t really want to have people go up on a stage during a public hearing and mime wiping their asses, do you?”

Of course, I do. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be making this proposal in the first place, would I?

I’m thinking that this proposal could be implemented in a very easy and inexpensive way. All that you would really need is a standard, fixed four-legged chair, of the kind that adorns many government-building lobbies (to simulate the toilet), and a piece of cloth that’s the same width as a piece of toilet paper, say about three or four feet long.

None of the prospective applicants would need to actually drop their pants, although I suspect that some of the “clients” and their advocates may actually drop said pants and leave a load on stage as a form of protest.

G.G. Allin would have been proud of their moment of fame, if he was still alive to see them.

I’m sure that some of the anti-libertarians out there will scream bloody murder over this modest proposal. Let them. They will be outraged that the applicants should be “forced” to shame themselves in order to receive “badly needed social services.”

Last time I checked, the social-welfare agencies weren’t grabbing people at gunpoint and dragging them into the office to sign up. Now there have been cases where the “child protective” agencies have filed charges of “child abuse” against poor parents who didn’t sign up, but what about the rest of the applicants? It used to be a mark of shame to sign up for such programs — in some areas, it still is.

So the idea of potential applicants being shamed a bit before they get their handouts is perfectly fine with me. In fact, that’s the idea — to shame those seeking “free” cash from others into seeking other sources of income. Any time someone starts offering “free” anything, the demand outstrips the supply, and the supply dwindles to nothing.

Usually in the private sector, this isn’t a problem — when the supply runs out, that the end of it, and you tell the waiting customers “You snooze, you lose — better luck next time.” But in the public sector, it’s a whole different ball game.

When the supply runs out in the public sector, the “welfare rights” advocates go screaming to the legislature that unless spending for their favorite program is increased, people will freeze in the dark and be limited to eating from dumpsters. Politicians, wanting to appear “compassionate,” support the increase. At the end of the fiscal year, the supply runs out (again!), and we go back to Step One.

Perhaps the politicians should read something by Frederic BastiatThat Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen comes to mind. (My personal favorite of Bastiat’s works is The Law, but as El Neil says, “Aesthetics are arbitrary.”)

Nahh, wouldn’t work — the politicians couldn’t care less.

So how about it, welfare applicants? Have a seat, grab the cloth and demonstrate that you’re truly entitled to receive other peoples’ hard-taxed Federal Reserve Notes.


Mike Blessing has been promoting libertarian positions and philosophy for ten years since moving to New Mexico in 1994, and is Executive Heretic for KCUF Media.



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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Doug Stanhope in Albuquerque

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Stand-up comedian and libertarian presidential candidate Doug Stanhope was at the Guild Cinema last night on 21 January 2007 at 8:00 PM.

The Guild is located at 3405 Central Ave NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico [MapQuest link]

I met with Doug tonight after his show in town—he definitely was worth the 18 bucks at the door. (Shame he didn’t have any merch on hand!) After the show, we went for a couple of beers at the nearby Kelly’s Brewpub.

Right now, he’s in the exploratory-committee phase, and working on refining his message so it will be relevant to the campaign, but won’t burn out his comedy audience with old material.

As a candidate, I think he’ll do fine — take a look at his online interview with Hammer of Truth—HoT is STILL down at this point (WTF, Van Dyke?), but not a problem, Doug has republished that interview on his sites —
MySpace Blog

I’ve set up a Yahoo group for the Stanhope campaign, but have yet to see any activity on it—the link is below with the others.

The Guild Cinema

Stanhope’s Official Site

Stanhope’s Myspace page

The Stanhope 2008 Campaign site

The Stanhope 2008 Campaign Myspace page

The Stanhope 2008 Yahoo group

Mike Blessing


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Sunday, 2 July 2006

Re: A Modest Proposal

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Jim Davidson makes a few crucial points in “A Modest Proposal” [] that libertarians need to keep in mind. One aspect that he forgot to bring up, however, is that for a candidate to vote for himself, that candidate would be required to shoot “himself” in the head. I can see myself offering most candidates my pistol with a round in the chamber and telling them, “Make it easy on yourself and do it for real.”

What I’d really love to see is an outhouse on top of every politician’s grave site. That way we can provide for them, in some measure, the rewards they so richly deserve.

Mike Blessing


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Sunday, 19 February 2006

Re: On Immigration and Borders

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In her essay “On Immigration And Borders,” Linda Cirincione missed an excuse used by the border nazis as a “reason” to “close” the border — that terrorists and criminals will enter the United States unhindered.

The border nazis always forget that there is a simple answer for this — the right to own and carry weapons, properly exercised, will take care of the freelance crooks and terrorists coming north from Mexico, as a side effect of keeping the state-sponsored crooks and terrorists residing in Washington DC and the state capitals from getting too far out of line.

Mike Blessing


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Sunday, 27 February 2005

Playing Nice?

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Neil / Editor —

Good article as always. And timely to recent events here in the LPNM—just recently, I ran off another such clown who kept insisting that the ZAP “doesn’t apply” to the issues of the day.

At first, I tried playing nice, but no dice. So then I let loose. The first time this clown left us was on 13 Dec 2004. He was apparently “talked back” by a county chair, only to leave in another snit 60 days later (12 Feb 2005).

Go to the LPNM Forum [ ] and look for posts by “nosweets54” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Shades of Eric “the Shake” Dondero.

And concerning the bill written by “Mike” that would re-legalize select-fire rifles as long as they were manufactured in-state —

So What?

This was (and still is) a feel-good measure on the part of the proponent. First, full-auto isn’t really a good thing on such a rifle as full-auto isn’t as accurate as semi-auto, and tends to waste ammo — I’d rather have a detachable sound suppressor at the least, and maybe a 40-mm grenade launcher.

Second, and more important, building your own “ugly black”* military-pattern semi-auto rifle was pretty easy, even under Waco Willie’s 1994 ban. I should know — I put together a semi-auto CAR-15 / M-4 in 1997, with flash-hider and telescoping stock, from new parts. Now that the 1994 ban has expired, it’s even easier to make your own.

* I happen to think that such rifles are quite attractive, thank you!

Mike Blessing


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Sunday, 13 June 2004

Eric Dondero Rittberg, The Real-Life “Master Shake”?

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For a few months now, I’ve been a fan of a cartoon series called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Think of it as a sophisticated, surreal Beavis and Butthead, or a really gross form of South Park. Either way, it’s pretty funny (it helps to have a twisted sense of humor). You might want to check out the show’s page on, as I’ll be referring to it in a moment:

The character I’ll spend the most time with here goes by the name Master Shake, or just “Shake”. He’s a talking milkshake, about five feet, six inches. He’s also a complete asshole and moron.

Some examples:

Once, Shake sells his roommate Meatwad to the circus for two FRN, telling him that he’s going to “computer camp.” The other roomie, Frylock, buys a toy for Meatwad. Shake grabs it instead, thinks it’s a real computer, then asks “Which one do I buy stock with – the chicken or the piggie?”

Shake and neighbor Carl split the cost of getting a mail-order bride from Chechnya, then fight over who gets to marry her.

Shake flushes the Aqua Teens’ monthly bills down the toilet, then complains about the electricity and cable TV getting cut off, blaming the cut-off on the other two.

Shake offers heavy metal musician Zakk Wylde 1.4 million FRN to rewrite “Happy Birthday” into a headbanger tune. When Frylock asks him “Where the hell are you gonna get that kind of money?” Shake says that he’ll pay it out of royalties collected from future sales. Shake then plans to debut this masterpiece with Wilde playing it alongside two six-foot plastic scorpions in an abandoned and trashed party hall.

Sound familiar?

If you’re familiar with the name Eric Dondero Rittberg (and variants thereof), it should. Dondero-Rittberg has been a perennial whiner in libertarian ranks.

I first came across “Shake” Dondero-Rittberg on the [libertarian_culture] Yahoo list, where he was complaining that we weren’t libertarians but actually anarchists. He was also whining that he was “purged” from the Libertarian Party in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s by the “extremist faction.” When I pointed out that George Worthless Bush was a con artist when it came to Second Amendment issues (among other things), Eric the Shake suggested that I join the Taliban or move to Castroist Cuba, and that “You are no American!”

Fast-forward to this year, when lo and behold, I find that Eric the Shake was seeking the LP’s vice-presidential nomination. This bid was rather short-lived, as he is still a member of the Republican Party and a fan of Bush II, making it very unlikely that he’d win. So then he joins Gary Nolan’s presidential campaign as an aide, fresh out of Ron Paul’s office. When Nolan lost the nomination to Michael Badnarik, Eric threw another of his temper tantrums, complaining that Badnarik is “only” a “semi-employed Computer Programmer,” has “no college degree” (so what?—neither does Bill Gates), has no military service record, and is a possible plant from the FBI. Etc., etc.

For what it’s worth, Dondero-Rittberg says that anyone not with him but still professing to be a libertarian is an anarchist (again, so what?):

“You people make me embarrassed to be in the same movement. Why don’t you all just change your names to Anarchists. You are not real libertarians. You don’t even know the meaning of the word.

“Go away and get the hell out of the libertraian movement. You are doing SERIOUS DAMAGE TO OUR CAUSE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

Hmmm . . .

What’s this “our cause” BS all about? Since Badnarik got the LP’s nod, Dondero-Rittberg went back to being a Bushevik camp-follower, saying that Worthless “must have some libertarian instincts” and that his brother Jeb is a “solid mainstream libertarian.” Is this the same Jeb Bush that pitched the Matrix data-mining program to the FBI / CIA ferals in Washington?

As for Worthless’ “libertarian instincts,” they sure weren’t showing when he campaigned with NRA money in his war chest while promising to re-authorize the Clinton-era “assault weapons” ban, as it expires on 13 Sept 2004. How about when he said that he supported “ending the ‘gun show loophole'” by making private firearm sales illegal?

And never forget that immediately after the events of 11 Sept 2001 (some call it “9-11”), the neo-conservatives were up in arms that the Air Force didn’t have F-16’s and F-15’s ready to intercept and shoot down the hijacked airliners. At the same time, they were also complaining that “airport security” wasn’t “tight enough.”

So when it comes down to brass tacks, the Busheviks would rather shoot down a plane with 90-100 people on board who haven’t hurt anyone else on the plane – turning them into 600-mph hamburger as their bodies are shredded by the explosion of an air-to-air missile and/or 20-mm or 30-mm cannon-fire – rather than let those same people carry the most effective means of self-defense onto the aircraft.

So much for their support of the Second Amendment.

I guess I’ll have to live with being an “Anarchist” then.


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Sunday, 1 February 2004

Libertarian “Endorsement” of Dennis Kucinich

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Libertarian “Endorsement” of Dennis Kucinich

I, Michael W. Blessing of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, am formally endorsing Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic Presidential nomination. It is only the right thing to do – after all, Dennis is a Democrat’s Democrat, willing and ready to expand the FDR-era “New Deal” and LBJ-era “Great Society” to new levels. Although he’s not pushing the issue at the moment, he is a proud supporter of the policies of victim disarmament. Look at the issues he IS talking up in this “campaign” – centralized economic and social planning, rapacious taxation, taxpayer-pays handout programs and international empire-building. It seems as though the “man of the people” is really just another Washington DC paper-pusher, and thus fit to be the Democratic nominee.

Even on the points where I tangentially agree with him – bringing the troops home from Iraq – he wants to replace American forces with the UN, as opposed to letting the Iraqis run their own lives. Dennis says he wants to legalize marijuana, but his website makes no mention of jury nullification, or of him using presidential pardons to release those political prisoners already jailed for such “crimes.” Instead, he wants to “cure” smokers of their “addiction” using federal force. And his idea of publicly-financed campaigns . . . . I take it he’s willing to tax black and Hispanic voters to pay for the Klan’s candidate. (I most certainly am not.) Is there NO aspect of our lives that Dennis won’t use federal force to tax and regulate?

(By the way, Comrade President George III and the Busheviks are no better – they’re just tyrants of a different sort. Is there ANYTHING that THEY won’t use the force of government to tax and regulate?)

Mike Blessing
Chair, Bernalillo County Libertarian Party –


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