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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

“Fun” with Chickenpox

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Yep, the title says it all – Yours Truly recently came down with a case of chickenpox.

Yeah, I know it’s a “kid’s” disease, because that’s when you’re supposed to get it. Guess what? I never had it as a kid.

It all started Friday (24 Sept 2010) morning. After getting home from Electronics class, I called in sick to the day job. I had aches and pains in the joints, a headache and was barely able to keep my eyes open.

When I started seeing the blisters on my face, I wondered if it was bubonic plague, considering that I’ve seen mice in the backyard recently.

I went in on Saturday afternoon, but probably shouldn’t have – I had aches and pains in the joints, headache, and drowsy spells from Friday. Just for grins and giggles, throw in a fever which alternated with chills. One of the managers asked me “Why are you even here?!” Later that afternoon, another manager told me that I should go home. But after “lunch” (5 PM), I was feeling better, so I stuck it out and finished off the night, staying til 10:20 PM.

At some time on Saturday, I got the idea that I might have chickenpox. But wait a second – I thought I had had it as a kid, and thus wasn’t supposed to get it as an adult?! After checking with family the next day, I found that I had NOT had it as a kid. Mom told me that when I was seven or eight years old, I had some sort of herpes simplex cold sore on my lip, that the doctor told her, “He’ll never get chickenpox after this,” how she was always exposing me to kids who had it (so that I WOULD get it) but it never took . . .

Sunday, I was scheduled off, so I just took it easy. Yeah, right – the fever got worse, and alternated with some violent shivering spells for a bit.

Monday, I showed up for Electronics class at 8 AM, as we had a test scheduled. As we waited for the instructors to arrive, some of the other students asked me if I had chickenpox and wondered if I would be allowed to take the test. I was rather surprised that they didn’t kick me out at first sight, as the blisters were in full bloom at this point. Still, I think I did pretty good on the test.

After getting home, I called in to work and asked management if I should take any sick days – I was put on sick leave until Thursday. As for Thursday . . . I called Elisheva Levin and asked if she wanted to give public-access TV a shot by filling in for me on this week’s The Weekly Sedition. She readily agreed, so I notified Bill and gave her directions . . .


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