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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ABQ Free Press First-ever Reader Survey

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Today, I took the ABQ Free Press First-ever Reader Survey — my answers are in bold type.

ABQ Free Press is now New Mexico’s second-largest newspaper, reaching 100,000 people per issue.

Now, we need to know who you are and what you want us to be.

Why should you take the 3.5 minutes (less if you can actually type) to fill out this survey?

This is your chance to shape the shape of the news and counteract (ahem) some of the other influences in New Mexico. Responses will be chosen weekly to receive a custom mail subscription to ABQ Free Press. Let your voice be heard big time, long time.

  1. Your Name


  2. What is your age?

    18 to 24
    25 to 34
    35 to 44
    45 to 54
    55 to 64
    65 to 74
    75 or older

  3. What is your gender?


  4. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

    3 years of college

  5. What is your occupation?

    Private security

  6. Address (optional but needed if you want a free trial mail subscription)

    ZIP/Postal Code
    Email Address

  7. What do you like about us now?

    The ABQ Free Press covers issues that the Albuquerque Journal glosses over or doesn’t really bother with at all.

  8. What you wish we had . . . .

    A regular libertarian columnist

  9. We have too much . . . . .

    “Progressive” “social justice” content. Or at least drop Robert Reich for a local columnist.

  10. We need more . . . . .

    How about a conservative columnist and a libertarian columnist?

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  1. Approximate reading level – 6.9
  2. Reposted –
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