Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Clear the Bench New Mexico

Getting tired of judges who view the federal and State Constitutions as their personal Charmin rolls where your liberty and property are concerned?

In New Mexico, if a judge seeking to be retained during an election receives less than 57 % of the votes cast in his / her retention race, than the judge in question loses his / her spot on the bench, and returns to the private sector.

Q: What, exactly, did they do to need clearing from the bench?

A: What have they done to warrant retention?

The burden of proof isn’t upon us, We The People, to prove that they warrant removal, it’s upon them to prove that they warrant retention.

The intent here with Clear the Bench New Mexico is to develop something along the lines of Clear the Bench Colorado (CTBC)

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NOTE — This is a TENTATIVE list being posted here:

NM Supreme CourtCharles W. Daniels, Petra Jimenez Maes

NM Court of AppealsHenry Bohnhoff, Emil J. Kiehne, Stephen French

2nd Judicial District (Bernalillo), Division XXV, Albuquerque — Jane Levy

3rd Judicial District (Dona Ana), Division III, Las Cruces — Conrad F. Perea

5th Judicial District (Chaves, Eddy and Lea), Division X, Roswell — Dustin K. Hunter

6th Judicial District (Grant, Hidalgo & Luna), Division I, Silver City — Timothy Aldrich

7th Judicial District (Catron, Sierra, Socorro & Torrance), Division III, Estancia — Shannon Murdock



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