Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Projects, Hijinks, Scandals

Absurdist Discordian Party of New Mexico — Facebook page / Spreely page

ABQMeet — Yahoo! group

Albuquerque Greet and Meets — Facebook page (added to the page as a page admin by Mara La Belle)

Albuquerque Liberty Forum — Facebook page / Spreely page

All Aboard the DingleBerry Express! — Facebook page / Spreely page

The Barr / Root 2008 Provo Campaign — Xanga

Bern It All Down — Facebook page / Spreely page

Boston Tea Party

Bubonicon Puppies — Facebook page / Spreely page

Captain Opinion — Yahoo! group

Clear the Bench New MexicoFacebook page

CNM Libertarians — Facebook group / Google / Myspace / Yahoo!

“Darth Mike”Facebook v1 / Facebook v2 / Myspace / Spreely page / Xanga

Egg McMuffin for President (parody page of Evan McMullin for President 2016 campaign) — Facebook page

Extropy Unbound — Facebook page /

Heil, ACORN! — Myspace

KCUF Media — Facebook page / / Xanga

Kinetic Church of Universal Freedom — Myspace

Libertarian Party USA

Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus [LSAC] — Facebook group / Facebook page / Spreely group / Spreely page

Liberty Cap Talk Live — Facebook page (added to the page as a page admin by Todd Andrew Barnett)

Mike Blessing for State Representative — 2008 Myspace page / 2010 Blog on Blogspot / Blogger / 2012 Blog on WordPress

Myspace Extropians

New Mexicans for Ron Paul 2008 — Xanga

Mike’s Corrective Phrenology Clinic — Myspace

“Libertarian Brutalists” — Facebook group

Mr. Bill, the Original Weldist — Facebook page

NM Collegiate RKBA Advocates — Facebook group

NM Leave Us Alone Coalition — Facebook group

New Mexico Dissent and Expose — Facebook page / Spreely page

New Mexico Gun Rights — Facebook group (appointed as a group admin by Jennifer Sensiba)

New Mexico Libertarians — Facebook Group / Facebook Page / G+ group / MeWe group / Minds group / Myspace / / Spreely group / Spreely page / Tea Party Community group

New Mexico LibertyGoogle group / Myspace / Xanga

New Mexico’s Consumer AdvocateMyspace

The PartisanMyspace

Personal Lifestyle Management — Myspace

Resist Marxism New Mexico — Facebook page

The Sedition Group — Blogspot / Homestead

Seventh Column — Facebook group /

Sixth Column — Facebook group

Southwest Partisans — Facebook group /

Split the State New Mexico — Facebook page / Spreely page

Stupor Bowl Sundae Feetball Shoot — Facebook page

Time for a R3VOLUTION! — Myspace

The Used Soul Exchange — Myspace

The Weekly SeditionFacebook / Google Plus / Myspace / Reddit / Spreely / Twitter / WordPress / Yahoo! / YouTube

Tyranny Response Team of New Mexico (TRT-NM) — Ning

Vote Dumpster Fire — Facebook page

Vote the Air — Facebook page

Will Work For Food — Franchises Still Available! — Myspace

Wood Chipper 20xx (“political candidate”) — Facebook page

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