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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Random Shots for Saturday, 28 November 2015

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

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    Last time I checked, Klondike bars are only a buck apiece. Why not just buy the damn thing? Seriously.

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    Why is that stabbings are never referred to as “knife violence” ?

    Why is it when someone gets whacked upside the head with a Louisville Slugger, it’s never referred to as “baseball bat violence” ?

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    Now what are the chances of the governors, say “our own” Susana Martinez, actually refusing a pile of other peoples’ ∅∅∅∅∅∅∅∅∅ ?

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    Presently I’m using Linux Mint on my laptops.

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    I think she’s afraid of competition from the streetwalkers.

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    Just downloaded the MP3 file. The audio quality sounds good.

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    Except that a T. Rex gives more leftovers than I can fit in ten freezers. That and spending over ∅12k for the Barrett M107 needed to bring one down.

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    No problem. I keep thinking I should start my own.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Popular Science [PopSci] —

         Man 3D-Prints Working Revolver With His Name On It by Kelsey D. Atherton

         Man In Japan Arrested For 3-D Printing Revolvers by Kelsey D. Atherton

         3D-Printed Gun Named After An Arrested Gunmaker by Kelsey D. Atherton

  2. — Treat the Muslims in our communities like neighbors by Heath Haussamen
  3. Anything Peaceful by the Foundation for Economic Education [FEE] — How Policing Works in a Privatized City by Jeffrey A. Tucker [H/T “Anarchy Is All Around Us” Facebook page, Seth Anderson Bailey]
  4. Skyfall
  5. Transformation by openDemocracy [oD] — Ursula K Le Guin calls on fantasy and sci fi writers to envision alternatives to capitalism by Araz Hachadourian [H/T Frank Ney]
  6. International Business Times [IBT] — Physicists Prove Time Travel Possible by Sending Particles of Light into the Past by Mary-Ann Russon [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  7. Jack Donovan — All They Have Is Fear [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  8. NM Political ReportFormer Gov. Johnson weighs in on Martinez scandals, Syria by Andy Lyman [H/T Charles D. Frohman]
  9. Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History. by Nick Selby [H/T Frank Ney]
  10. Drugs, Inc.
  11. Kn@ppster by Thomas L. Knapp — The KN@PP Stir Podcast (27 November 2015) — Thanksgiving Weekend Special (I downloaded the MP3 file from the site)
  12. American Military News ISIS Threatens To Cut The Tongue Out Of Anyone Using The Word “Daesh” [H/T Frank Ney]
  13. — A New Tactic Against Open Carry Advocates – Swatting [H/T “” Facebook page]
  14. The Washington Post [WaPo] —

         Here’s how Donald Trump responded to my essay about him by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [H/T Dave Nalle]

         Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: This is the difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  15. ReasonCulture Warriors Invade Sci-Fi / Fantasy by Cathy Young
  16. Dark Skies

Notes from Life, Etc.

  1. I guess it’s time to bring back The Weekly Sedition as a podcast.
  2. Sites, etc., to check out from the 27 November 2015 (Thanksgiving) episode of The KN@PP STIR Podcast
    1. Darryl W. Perry –,, A Rebel’s Journey
    2. Kent McManigal –
    6. Pop filter
    7. Blue snowball microphone
    8. for professional help
    9. online MP3 joiner
    10. Audacity

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