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Friday, 27 November 2015

Random Shots for Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Today in history

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  1. AllOutdoor – Re: Why “Moderate” Pro-Gun Groups like ACRGO Always Fail

    Exactly — notice how the hoplophobes and victim disarmers never refer to stabbings as “knife violence,” someone getting whacked upside the head with a ball bat, piece of pipe or rebar as “blunt object violence,” someone getting beat up in a fistfight as “bare-hand violence,” etc.

  2. AllOutdoor – Re: Why “Moderate” Pro-Gun Groups like ACRGO Always Fail
    1. Is there a federal agency which requires anyone who sells cars for profit to be fingerprinted, photographed and submit to a background check before going into business?
    2. Should people be required to go through a background check before purchasing a car? That isn’t the case at present, from what I can tell.
    3. At present, there aren’t any laws requiring you to have a driver’s license, vehicle registration, automotive insurance, license plates, etc. if you’re not operating the vehicle on your own property. Those statutes only kick in when you drive the vehicle on public roads.
  3. Posted to Facebook

    If you really want to make this version of panem et circenses[1] more interesting . . .

    Snipers of the NFL

  4. Posted to Facebook

    The 19XRW page says they’re only 190k each for the 240 hp models.

  5. Posted to Facebook

    I suspect that the main reason Egolf doesn’t support this two-tier scheme is that it’s sponsored by a Republican. This isn’t the first time New Mexico Democrats pulled this schtick. During the 1990s, they killed off concealed-carry legislation in committee in the State Senate during every session. It wasn’t until Richardson told them “pass it and put it on my desk for signature or I’ll veto the feed bill” that it passed.

  6. Posted to Facebook

    And then there’s the Massachusetts / federal version:

    GOP tries to subvert Dems via “triangulation” (sticking a GOP label on a Dem policy plank) by creating Massachusetts RomneyCare.

    Dems copy and paste GOP “solution” into U.S. Code (federal statutes) with help of guy who put together the GOP “solution.” “Obamacare” is thus created.

    End result?

    Government gets bigger, more intrusive, more expensive for those not in the good-ol-boy loop.

    Prices and cost of living go up for those not in the good-ol-boy loop.

    GOP and Dems rake in truckloads of donations complaining about “the other side” and offering themselves as “the solution” — Vince McMahon couldn’t have scripted it any better. The campaign consultants laugh all the way to the bank.

    The crony mercantilists sponsoring the GOP and Dems line up to cash in via government contracts, the “individual mandate” for the insurance companies, etc., etc., etc.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. New RepublicBeyond Gun Control by Lois Beckett [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  2. ProPublicaWho Turned My Blue State Red? by Alec MacGillis
  3. WiredThe 18-Rotor Volocopter Is Like a Flying Car, But Better by Mary Grady [H/T Jeff Jordan]
  4. The Washington Post [WaPo] —

         Uranus might be full of surprises by Rachel Feltman [H/T Wally Conger]

         Researchers mapped the weather of a planet outside our solar system – and it’s pretty blustery by Rachel Feltman

         Why NASA’s top scientist is sure that we’ll find signs of alien life in the next decade by Abby Phillip

  5. Dark Skies


  1. Bread and circuses – Wikipedia page

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