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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Random Shots for Friday, 13 November 2015

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Today in history

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    Good job!

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    And I thought “Red Faction” was a video game from which someone made a crappy movie. Shows what I know.

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    Last time I checked, jurors DO have the right to judge the law involved in the case as well as the specific facts. If they think the law in question is unjust, they do have the right to ignore it. This common-law right goes back to pre-Founding days. For example: William Penn and John Peter Zenger.

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    You mean “Mikhail Timofeyevich” instead of “Evgeny,” didn’t you?

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    More likely collude.

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    Dannie, you can have her, just keep her to yourself, OK?

    But remember you’ll have to get in line behind George Soros and his billions, channelled to her through his SuperPACs.

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    This is the same agency that declared a shoestring to be a machinegun.

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    And Obama is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to order an airstrike against another Nobel Peace Prize winner (a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières AKA Doctors Without Borders).

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    Tyler, where do you get this spiel from? Who says that jurors don’t decide the law?

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    Juries have ignored the law on numerous occasions, yet it didn’t lead to widespread death and devastation. For example, the Fugitive Slave Act, Prohibition, the current drug laws — all were nullified by various juries at times, and civilization didn’t fall.

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    So mob rule at the ballot box is better? That’s what gave us Bush and Obama, neither of whom has displayed much respect for individual rights.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. New Mexico Daily Lobo at University of New Mexico [UNM]UNM students participate in Million Student March, though not without opposition by David Lynch
  2. America’s 1st Freedom [A1F] by National Rifle Association, Institute for Legislative Action [NRA-ILA]

         Exclusive: We Test The Armatix iP1, The Not-So-Smart Gun by Clay Turner and Frank Winn [H/T “EveryDay Carrying” Facebook page]

         What’s So Smart About This Gun? by Frank Winn

  3. Endo Gun BlogShoestring Machine Gun by “ENDO-Mike”
  4. The Hacker NewsChrome Zero-day Exploit leaves MILLIONS of Android devices vulnerable to Remote Hacking by Mohit Kumar [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  5. USNI News by United States Naval Institute [USNI]Panel: Moves from Putin Administration Ending ‘Strategic Holiday’ for U.S., NATO by John Grady
  6. EaglesDeathMetalVEVO: EODM (Eagles of Death Metal) – Complexity [H/T Dave Nalle]
  7. SploidOne-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival – Official Selection [H/T Scott Rhymer]
  8. Finite FilmsStealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film
  9. IronZoo ProductionsSingularity (A Sci-Fi Short film by Colby Natal)
  10. Filming CopsCourt: You Can’t Sue Police Anymore Unless it is “Beyond Debate” That They Murdered [H/T Sherry Heim]
  11. Activist Post#MillionStudentMarch Campus Uprising Has George Soros Written All over It by Melissa Dykes
  12. NASASpaceflightSpaceX’s Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship ready for action by Chris Bergin
  13. by Science X network

         Musk is testing x-wing style fins, spaceport drone ship by Nancy Owano

         Mars’ moon Phobos is slowly falling apart by Elizabeth Zubritsky

         Venus’ twin? Earth-sized rocky planet orbiting a nearby star

  14. EngadgetSpaceX’s reusable rockets get help from ‘X-wing’ fins and drone ships by Jon Fingas
  15. The AtlanticWhat ISIS Really Wants by Graeme Wood [H/T Marc Allan Feldman]
  16. BustleWhat Are France’s Gun Laws Like? The Attacks Took Place In A City With Strict Firearms Prohibitions by Alicia Lu [H/T Erica Jay]
  17. Yahoo! AutoMilitary Humvees Sold To The Public May Soon Be Street Legal by Alex Lloyd [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  18. NM Political ReportGreen and White: Former sheriff wants in on medical marijuana by Andy Lyman and Joey Peters [H/T Aaron Henry Diaz]
  19. madgeniusclubIntroducing Sad Puppies Four: The Bitches are Back by Kate Paulk [H/T Larry Correia]

Notes from Life, Etc.

  1. Just reinstalled youtube-dl (or installed in LM 17.2 as opposed to LM 17.1). They appear to have fixed the bug(s) that it had when I had it installed under 17.1 — much better. Especially that ClipGrab seems to have disappeared entirely from the available software packages.
  2. I set up an account with Talent ABQ and the DWS Work Keys system. I’m paying for this stuff at the 1040 and PIT-1, so I might as well get some benefit out of it.

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