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Friday, 30 October 2015

Random Shots for Thursday, 29 October 2015

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    It’s basically a paintball pistol, with OC pepper juice (weaponized Tabasco sauce) loaded into the “SALT” rounds. Cops have had this sort of tech available to them for years.

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    I had one of these posters hanging on my wall as a kid. I still have the poster, but it’s rolled up and in the closet at present.

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    The RNC lets the lamestream snoozemedia, 89% of whom are card-carrying Democrats, run the debates, and they wonder why the moderators, all of whom are drawn from that 89%, ask ridiculous questions? Seriously, folks.

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    Saved it via ClipGrab!

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  1. — Super PAC spending big in Cruces; here’s what you need to know by Heath Haussamen/
  2. Snake Plissken “land of the free” [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]

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