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Monday, 12 October 2015

Random Shots for Sunday, 11 October 2015

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    I for one am excited about developments such as the 80% AR-15 lowers, Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner desktop CNC machine, 3D printing, the fact that you can make an AK-47 using a shovel as raw material for the receiver (search for it on DuckDuckGo or Startpage) . . .

    The hoplophobes and victim disarmers always forget these points:

    1. The United States has 12,000 miles of basically unenforceable borders. If people can be smuggled in and cars smuggled out routinely, how can they stop guns from coming in?
    2. There are hundreds of millions of firearms in America’s existing stockpiles, with more being added every day. I doubt that people panic-buying guns for the past few years intend to turn them in.
    3. America has the world’s largest stockpiles of precision machine tools. You can order a lathe or CNC machine and have it delivered to your home, with the only paperwork being the sales slip, if you have the FRNs available to you. Add in the Ghost Gunner I mentioned above . . . And that sort of tech is only going to get cheaper and more versatile as time goes on.
    4. Surveys of cops and military personnel consistently yield results showing 60-70 percent of them to be on our side to a large degree. Add to this the fact that these “fusion centers” are labeling veterans as “potential terrorists.”
    5. Most of America’s food production takes place in areas friendly to gun ownership.
    6. To go from one part of “Gun Free America” (really Hoplophobatopia) to another (the “liberal” states and big cities), they have to traverse the gun-friendly turf.
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    Yep. I’m especially getting tired of this WWE-style kabuki theater offered up by the Demoncraps and Republicants.

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