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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Book Review — Incompetence by Rob Grant

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A literary counterpart to Mike Judge’s Idiocracy

Incompetence is a literary counterpart to Mike Judge’s Idiocracy, a movie in which the stupid and clueless end up on top. In Idiocracy, the scene is America. In Incompetence, it’s Europe.

The laughs start on the first page when “Harry Salt’s” misses the airport (“Harry” is the narrating protagonist, and it’s not clear that “Harry” is his real name.) because the pilot forgets where to land (and to lower the landing gear). So he has to catch a cab to Rome, which would have cost him a bundle (if the cabbie had remembered to charge him). Also, gotta love the Italian police captain with anger management issues, who gives one of the best lines of the book while cussing out “Salt” :

“Your first mistake was being born, you dumb punk. Your first mistake was crawling out of the abortion clinic trash can, where your hooker momma left you. . . .”

Then there’s the dinner party which turns into a puke-fest, the living-dead farmer, the car with no ignition switch (and useless operator’s manual), the hotel room with no bed or bathroom, among others.


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