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Friday, 25 September 2015

Random Shots for Thursday, 24 September 2015

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

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    I just checked my Facebook messages — David T. Walker confirmed that he’s willing to address the Con about the Convention of States.

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    Copied and posted here —

  3. Posted to Facebook

    Thanks for the tip-off, Wendy!

    PS: You can download YouTube clips and save them to your hard drive — There’s downloadable software available for Windoze, too 🙂

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Adult Swim on Cartoon Network – Robot Chicken
  2. Sportsman Channel – Handguns & Defensive Weapons, Guns & Ammo TV
  3. A Public Defender [APD] by “GideonProvoking prosecutorial oversight [H/T Wendy Irby]
  4. American Heroes Channel – Future Weapons
  5. Mirror [UK] — Spice lover orders mild curry and gets receipt marked ‘white ppl’ – the restaurant’s response is extraordinary by Sam Blewett [H/T “Jewish Libertarians” Facebook page]
  6. Rio Rancho Tea Party [RRTP] (Rio Rancho, NM) — Rio Rancho City Council Update! Councilor’s Plan to Override Citizens? [H/T Wendy Irby]
  7. — How to Download Youtube Video by “mysoomro” [H/T DuckDuckGo]
  8. imgur — No Stories, only BRRRRT by Pinkamenace [H/T Steve Coffman]

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