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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Random Shots for Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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    Let’s have the names of those State legislators with multiple DWIs.

    One of them was Sen. Phil Griego, who recently resigned after being caught voting for a real estate deal to sell off a State building while he was the broker of the deal.

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    “But it appears that on these issues, the statists do not understand the nature of natural rights.”

    Oh, the statists understand, all right. This is more a case of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable (and ultimately mine).”

    The Weekly Sedition: Patti Bushee and Pat Davis Hinder, Not Help, the LGBT Cause

    William N. Grigg repeatedly points out that in these cases, the debate isn’t about what was done wrong, but of “Who / Whom” in that the offended group has been deemed as politically protected, and the offending group has no such protections, and is thus fair game for any assaults, slights, etc., that the protected groups care to throw their way.

  3. Re: Ad Week: Ad of the Day: Here’s What Happens When You Open a Gun Store in the Middle of NYC

    How easy or difficult was it for these people to get through New York City’s permitting process to set up this “gun store” ?

    Did they have to go through the same sorts of hassles that someone wanting to set up a real gun store would have to? Or did Bill DeBlasio and Baron Bloomberg “expedite” the process so that this video could be produced?

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  2. Ad WeekAd of the Day: Here’s What Happens When You Open a Gun Store in the Middle of NYC [H/T “Gun Control Kills” Facebook page]
  3. Irish CentralIrish are ‘the forgotten white slaves’ claims expert

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