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Monday, 2 February 2015

Random Shots for January, 2015

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    A better explanation of the State’s “authority” :

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 Episode 4 (Mayhem of the Mooninites) (starts at 2:04)

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    “Vegan cheese” — that right there is enough for me to avoid it.

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    From the “About” page for “New Mexicans for Gun Safety” (NMFGS) :

    Short Description

    NMexicans for Gun Safety is composed of the people of the state of NM who are dedicated to promoting gun safety in our communities.
    NMexicans dedicados a promover la seguridad en nuestras comunidades.

    Long Description (copied to “General Information”)

    NMFGS does not promote gun ownership or shooting sports. WE DO strongly advocate that all those who own a gun be trained, sober, and focused on safety at all times.

    Yet their “Timeline” page might as well have been compiled by Shannon Watts.

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    I was just seeing if my cell phone had service, is all. Been having service outages lately with my Tracfone, and am planning to switch to Metro PCS tomorrow.

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    I know where my guns are. That’s good enough for me. You want to know where they are, Faber? Come and see for yourself.

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    “Hundreds of times less gun deaths. Thousands of times less police officers killed. Millions of times less schoolchildren killed. Billions of times less people shot.”

    Oh God that’s rich.

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    “Billions of times less people shot” when there’s only about 7 billion people on the planet.

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    From now on, I’m going to refer to New Mexico Republicans as “Weh Family Democrats.”

    Exceptions of course for RLC members and those who supported David Clements and Adam Kokesh in their bids for U.S. Senate and the 3rd Congressional District, respectively.

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    And everyone else is above the law of the land, too.

    Governments and the laws, statutes, regulations they create exist with the consent of their constituents. That consent can be withdrawn at any time.

    “People — pardon me, journalists and politicians — have often accused me of believing that I’m above the law. And yet, who isn’t? Everywhere you prod it, even with the shortest stick, it’s unequivocably putrescent. The law is created by demonstrable criminals, enforced by demonstrable criminals, interpreted by demonstrable criminals, all for demonstrably criminal purposes. Of course I’m above the law. And so are you.”
    L. Neil Smith, Pallas

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    I’d move every federal employee at the SES level and higher 500 miles to the east and drop them off.

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  15. Santa Fe Reporter – Re: Sold Out: Santa Fe senator faces ethical questions after brokering a historic property he voted to sell

    Isn’t this the same Phil Griego who has two or three instances of DWI on his record? Taxi rides from the bar to home aren’t getting any cheaper, you know . . .

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    Just got a new smartphone and connected it to here. OK, what now?

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    Not disagreeing with the original post, just wanted to hear your opinions on recent postings at the TLE Facebook group

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    “Actual libertarians oppose multiculturalism.”

    Actual libertarians don’t really worry about multiculturalism unless it conflicts with the Zero Aggression Principle.

    It’s the pretenders to the name “libertarian” that get bent out of shape about it.

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    Florida doesn’t need an electric chair to take care of pedophiles. They have a place in the Orlando area named “Gatorland” — simply withhold raw meat from the specimens of Alligator mississippiensis and Crocodylus acutus for a day or two, and shove said pederast over the fence.

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    Actually, he’s a small-l libertarian affiliated with Australia’s Liberal Democrat Party.

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    So it appears that the officer in the video clip shot the guy with an M4-pattern rifle.

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    Slick Willard Romney is a big-government Republican who treats gun owners like a soccer ball — kicking us around at a whim — when not orchestrating a takeover of health care delivery, or stumping for bailouts for the “too big to fail” types.

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    Overkill and Helloween

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    The genuine Democrats are opposed to Common Core simply because Common Core is being pushed by the Weh Family Democrats (GOPNM), that’s all. If Gary King was Governor and pushing Common Core, they would be all for it.

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    “Why stop there let’s alll of us drive armored tanks.”

    This is the same sort of headgame as “What about nukes? surely u don’t want people carrying nukes?!?!”

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    “ISIS: We Will Cut Off Obama’s Head, Turn U.S. Into Caliphate.”

    For the first half — I won’t lift a finger to stop them. If they’re nice, they’ll also get the Bushes, Romneys, and Clintons.

    For the second half — bring it on.

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    Mitt Romney is one of Priebus’ infrared-emitting meat puppets and knows how to game the GOP’s WWE-mode voters, is all. He’s good and suckering the donors and milking them.

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    I won’t be able to make it.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t see the point in going easy on the opposition.

    My question is this: Who asked you to “take it easy” on your opponent? And why?

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    Gizmag – Telomere-lengthening procedure turns clock back years in human cells

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    Concerning books to read about libertarianism, I recommend:

    Inclined to Liberty
    The Most Dangerous Superstition
    The Probability Broach (graphic novel —
    The Nagasaki Vector

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