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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Random Shots for Saturday, 29 November 2014

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Today in history

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    Dare we hope?

    Really, Frank, don’t tease us like this when we know that come 3 Jan 2015, McConnell and Boehner will be on their knees in front of Obama, swallowing up whatever he gives them.

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    For the F-Troop’s inside scuttlebutt, see the “Cleanup ATF”[1] message boards:

    [1] “Cleanup ATF” is a ridiculous proposition, like using tweezers to clean up a landfill.

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    Wayne Allyn Romney-roid (think hemorrhoid, minus the principles) is now a contributor to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

    From the looks of it, W.A.R. has been posting there since May 2014.

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    It’s in 4-point print on the muzzle of the MP-5 subgun or M-4 carbine that the SWAT guy shoves in your face after the agency you’ve offended blows in your door or wall with an explosive charge and shoots your dog.

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    #5 should be “Zero out the foreign aid budget, now and forever.” There’s no reason to single out Israel while continuing to subsidize the anti-American governments.

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    Aliens did it!

Listening / Reading / Watching

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