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Sunday, 19 October 2014

From Russia — “This is . . . the first day of your new life.”

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Зто… первый день твоей НОГОЙ жизни.

The text below the embedded video on the YouTube page translates via Google Translate as:

This is . . . the first day of your new life.
What was yesterday, does not matter.
That who you were before, already no one cares.

[H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]

More from Seth’s Facebook post:

“Who you were yesterday doesn’t concern anyone anymore. What do you know about yourself? What are you capable of? The questions may remain without answers, but would you be able to sleep well?”

“To know yourself is to know the limits of your abilities. To hell with limitations! Are you ready to break yourself, every day? Here pain makes you stronger, scars are a daily occurrence. Here you decide to prove something to yourself.”

“This you try to see in each shadow of your enemy, because without an enemy there is no battle, and without a battle there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy . . . is you, the you from yesterday. Your mission: Track down the enemy, catch up with him, overcome, become better than him and return as a victor. Because tomorrow is the first day of your new life.”


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