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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Building Desktop 2: Part 2

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Tonight I disassembled this old-style Western Digital external hard drive I’ve had sitting around for ages (model WD1200B008[1]). It turns out that the only drivers available for this one are for Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP – NOTHING for Windows 7. Nor does it connect to my Tosh Satellite C55D with Linux Mint 15[2] installed. Really aggravating.

So after I took it apart, I found that the unit is nothing more than a standard internal-type hard drive with a power port and USB port attached to it, so you can connect it to your desktop or laptop. Which means I can use it as an internal drive for the desktop I’m in the process of rebuilding.

Only one “problem” – there’s some data on the drive that I want to recover before I load an operating system onto it.

Solution – after I put the system together (ETA for that is presently mid-December), I’ll run LM 16 from whatever DVD drive I end up installing in the system as a live DVD[3], extract the data, and then have fun.

The plan is for DT2 to end up with a 16 GB solid-state drive[4] in the “master” drive slot, with this 120 GB drive from the external unit as a “slave” drive (along with another 20 GB drive I have laying around).

Or I could use the 20 GB unit as the “master” drive, and get the job done a little faster.

Using the 20 GB drive in the “master” slot, then all I need is a new motherboard (form factor micro-ATX) with chipset and fan, power supply (about 40) and a DVD drive.


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