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Sunday, 20 April 2014

One Very Weird Exchange of Text Messages

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Had the weirdest exchange of text messages last Wednesday afternoon –

505-319-7728 @ 4:08 PM – Its sending but it take a long time idk

Me @ 4:10 PM – What is sending?

505-319-7728 @ 4:11 PM – I sm sending u a pic on my other phone ok

Me @ 5:08 PM – Sorry. was busy — please resend to [my main Gmail address].

505-319-7728 @ 4:16 PM – Did u get it

505-319-7728 @ 4:51 PM – Hello did u get it hello hello hello hello

505-319-7728 @ 5:34 PM – No I am not but I am sending it again on my other phone

505-319-7728 @ 5:57 PM – U know u not answer my fucking tx so if u didnt get fuck it

I really was “busy” as I said via text above – specifically, at the day job.


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