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Sunday, 15 December 2013

[EMAIL] Re: I’m a new Libertarian with some ideas to share.

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Subject: Re: I’m a new Libertarian with some ideas to share.
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 13:37:27 -0700
From: Libertarian Party of New Mexico

On 12/13/2013 2:10 AM, Ask Otto wrote:

Hey Mike,
Thanks for getting back to me! I began to feel like my ideas sucked. 😉

Basically, what you’re referring to is some sort of federal-level referendum or initiative process. Former Alaska Democrat Senator Mike Gravel ran on this (he called it “direct democracy”) while seeking the LP’s presidential nomination in 2008.

The problem with Gravel wasn’t his national initiative plan, but what he wanted to use it for – creating some sort of “single-payer” health care scheme (where Obamacare seems to be pushing us – “Medicare / Medicaid for all”), etc.

I’ll make the next meeting. Does the eating take place before the meeting or during it? When do peeps start showing up?

Usually we start showing up around 5:45 – 6:00 PM. Some get there earlier, others might show up later.

You’re free to get your dinner at your own discretion. I usually get mine as soon as I arrive.

We usually meet in the back room, near the automatic sliding back door. There’s a large round table in one corner that we try to grab, but we don’t always get it. If we don’t have that one, we’ll be around that part of the room.

I have lots of ideas to take back America to bounce around. Did I mention I’m on the Secret Service, FBI and Homeland Security’s watch list for making a death threat against nobama?

Considering all of my affiliations and activities over the years, I’m probably on all of their lists, too. Back in 2004, I spent about 30 minutes in cuffs for walking from Ch.27 to my parked car on 6th Street NW carrying my M4 copy while John Kerry (then a presidential candidate) was in the area.

It appears CCC27 is reduced to a “you-tube” format where you can post video’s on their web site. Bummer to see it go.

Were there ANY of the CCC-27 rules that we didn’t break while we were on the air there?

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