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Thursday, 12 December 2013

[Email] Re: I’m a new Libertarian with some ideas to share.

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Subject: Re: I’m a new Libertarian with some ideas to share.
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 21:31:27 -0700
From: Libertarian Party of New Mexico

On 12/11/2013 12:14 AM, Ask Otto wrote:

If you like them that is.

I’m Otto from the public access TV show “Ask Otto” that ran on cable CCC27 from 1988 thru 2002.

I recently jumped the Republican party to join a party that represents my feelings and goals for America much, much better.

I have some ideas to share that will give America control of what gets passed by Congress and eliminate party line voting in the process. The two parties will never be able to work together to get anything passed so don’t even try. Instead of both party’s fighting each other to come up with a compromise bill representing both party’s, send them both off to their own house and give them 60 days to come up with their best bill representing their party only with no input from the other party. Now we have two completely separate bills totally representing both party’s that “we the peeps” vote on, not the congress!!

Post both bills on a “We the peeps voting web site” for all to read. We log in with our voter ID# and vote on which bill fits America in our eyes. DO NOT IDENTIFY THE BILLS BY PARTY, simply Plan A and Plan B. This eliminates party line voting!! When the votes are in, we find out which party wrote the bill! Is that brilliant or what?

It would be used for ALL BILLS proposed by Congress, INCLUDING PAY RAISES FOR THEMSELVES!!!

What do you think? Worth presenting at the meeting Thursday?

I have a bunch of other ideas to take back America like my proposed “PUBLIC SERVANT ACCOUNTABILITY ACT” where “we the peeps” vote on our voting web site if someone has intentionally lied to the American people or otherwise failed miserably at their job, like Obama, Holder, Sebelis, etc. If the majority of Americans want them out, they are fired, without govt benny’s. If my ideas are off base with the Libertarians, please let me know and I’ll opt out.

Named after furniture


Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner!

I remember you from Ch.27 – I was the producer and host of The Weekly Sedition on the same channel. Now Ch.27 seems to be in legalistic limbo – what can I say there, besides that the time spent there was a blast!

Your proposal is entirely within the realm of the libertarian message.

Our next meeting in Albuquerque will be at the Frontier Restaurant ( on Thursday, January 9th, from 6:00 to 8:00. Look for us in the back room towards the SE wall.

Mike Blessing / / Phone – 505-249-1248
State Chair, Libertarian Party of New Mexico
Chair, Libertarian Party of Bernalillo County New Mexico
Creator, Host and Publisher, The Weekly Sedition

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?

“Government is the disease that masquerades as its own cure.”
Robert LeFevre

“If you wanna live long on your own terms
You gotta be willing to crash and burn”
– Motley Crue, “Primal Scream”


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