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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Random Shots for Saturday, 5 October 2013

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Today in history

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    When someone attempted to assassinate Andrew Jackson, Jackson tried to beat the crap out of the guy with his cane. I’ve heard versions that say several Senators intervened to restrain Jackson from killing the guy.

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    I had no idea that the furloughed federal stooges had it so rough – the horror of it all!

    I mean, she gets paid to sit at home and play role-playing games over the internet, not knowing if she will be called back to approving animal-cams the next day.

    This, and she could be getting paid to go to Hawai’i instead.

    Who knew it would be this horrible for them?

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    300,000,000 plus people end up suffering because Barack Sr. (or whoever it really was) was too cheap to buy a condom.

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    Considering that fifteen years ago, public schools in Boston were starting classes about the proper way to go about fisting, I’m surprised about how tame this is.

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    I’ve been asking the hoplophobes this question for years. So far, I haven’t gotten anything resembling a coherent answer.

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    Consider the following:

    1. The Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Miller said that the National Firearms Act of 1934 was constitutional because Miller’s sawed-off shotgun didn’t qualify as a “militia weapon” because it had no “military utility,” and thus wasn’t protected by the Second Amendment.
    2. That same National Firearms Act of 1934 basically outlaws the civilian ownership of military weapons without a federal permission slip, such as machine guns (M249, M60, M240, M2, RPK, PKM), short-barreled shoulder-fired weapons (MP5, MP7, Uzi, M3, Thompson subgun, AKSU-74, PPSh) and true (select-fire) assault rifles (AK47, AK74, M16, M4, G36, AUG).
    3. The Gun Control Act of 1968 compunded the error by adding grenade launchers (M203, M320, GP25) and large-bore anti-tank rifles (Solothurn, Lahti) to the list.
    4. The various weapons I’ve listed above probably should be considered to have some “military utility,” considering that they were all used by various military entities around the world at some point.
    5. Thus, the weapons I’ve listed above (and all other “military grade” weapons) should be explicitly protected by the Second Amendment.

    Consider Federalist #46, where James Madison wrote that he was OK with a standing army of 25,000-30,000 men because if it got out of line and became an agent of tyranny, there were 3,000,000 civilians, similarly armed and trained, who could whoop that army.

    What the Founders wanted was for the civilian population to have military parity with, if not military supremacy over the federal government.

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