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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Random Shots for Saturday, 21 September 2013

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    My pet peeves about people who don’t understand libertarianism yet feel compelled to expound about it:

    A. There’s the people who equate non-initiation of force with a total disavowal of force (thus discounting the idea of defensive force).

    B. Then there’s the people who assume that anyone who cops to being an anarchist as being of like mind with the Black Bloc creeps who throw bricks through storefront windows. They think anarchism means “no rules” (last time I checked the NAP was a rule) and can’t wrap their heads around the idea of “no rulers” as in the absence of a permanent Ruling Overclass.

    After that, my gripes are mostly about apathy amongst those who do understand these ideas and sit around griping that “no one in the libertarian movement actually does anything” while the most that they ever do is show up for a social club session to BS.

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    What is so bad about shutting down the government? 95 percent of it is anti-Constitutional.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. BBC America – Star Trek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who
  2. Comedy Central – South Park
  3. Fox Business – Stossel, Cavuto
  4. – College professor reacts to Navy Yard shooting, calls for murder of NRA member’s children
  5. Hit the WoodlineOn Assimilation
  6. Prodigal MagazineShe Yelled And Called Me Names
  7. Yahoo! FinanceHere’s What McDonald’s And Dunkin’ Donuts Had To Say About Customers Bringing Guns Into Their Stores
  8. Business InsiderWhy Gun Owners Claim They Need To Bring Firearms To Starbucks
  9. The Hollywood ReporterDark Horse Can’t Stop the Signal, Relaunches ‘Serenity’
  10. The Huffington PostFox News Changes: Megyn Kelly To 9 PM, Greta Van Susteren To 7, Sean Hannity To 10
  11. American ThinkerSame Lies, Different Day
  12. MSN NewsNuclear bomb nearly exploded over NC in 1961: Paper
  13. DesignTAXI

         How to Damage Your Laptop in the Quickest Possible Time

         iPhone 5S’ Fingerprint Scanner Can Recognize Your Cat’s Paw

  14. The BlazeRand Paul: ‘We Probably Can’t Defeat or Get Rid of Obamacare’ (UPDATE: Paul Clarifies Statements)
  15. Let’s Get Visible (David Gaughran) – The Hilarious Hypocrisy of Jonathan Franzen
  16. The Guardian [UK] – Ten rules for writing fiction
  17. BizPac ReviewProfessor calls for murder of NRA members’ children; university responds
  18. Gadaboutblogalot’s BlogWas A NM Representative Missing
  19. The Free PatriotShopping Mall Terror: More Evidence U.S. Will Be Sarin Gas Chemical Attack Target

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