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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rex’s Latest Inanity

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OK, folks, I’m writing to comment upon Rex May’s latest bit of inanity to “grace” the e-pages of The Libertarian Enterprise

Whatever TLE readers think of Rex’s cartooning talents, let’s face it – his abilities with creating content in the prose format are . . . somewhat lacking.

In fact, they’re mostly copy-and-paste jobs from other people’s blogs and sites. The article linked to here is a prime example of this.

In the first paragraph of last week’s “article,” he just about brags about his emulation of the Joe Biden’s research and writing techniques:

“This could get complicated, so bear with me. First, I did THIS POST a few days back, and note that I didn’t write it—It’s mostly a reprint from John Craig’s blog, HERE. That’s clear? Okay. Now, Vulture of Critique has reacted very cleverly and incisively to John’s clever and incisive post which I cleverly and incisively reblogged, thus”

By the way, this is how Obama created Obamacare. He didn’t develop it on his own – he simply copied and pasted it over from Romney’s plan in Massachusetts, courtesy of Jon Gruber, the MIT economics professor who helped Romney with it in 2005 / 2006.

Thus I ask the staff and readers of TLE :

Is this sort of thing really necessary?

What exactly is the mission, the raison d’etre, for TLE ?

How does publishing copy-and-paste jobs from a white nationalist / conservative camp follower further that mission?

Is TLE jumping the shark?


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