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Saturday, 24 August 2013

I Am “The Antichrist” ?

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Here I thought I was a nice guy. Now apparently I’m the “Anti-Christ.” See for yourself.

This particular “test” might be a bit on the faulty side – isn’t the Anti-Christ supposed to be irresistibly charismatic, thus accruing piles and piles of cash, having plenty of women seeking his attentions, those sorts of things?

I’m waiting.

Your result for The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test . . .

The Antichrist

You scored 60% Pride, 63% Envy, 55% Ambition, and 40% Deceitfulness!

You are the Antichrist, a member of the unholy trinity along with The False Prophet and Satan. In the Bible you are described as the beast with seven heads and ten horns. You have the appearance of a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion (you figure out the symbolism). You are an ambitious individual who is bent on world domination and it is prophesied that you will achieve this goal. You will eventually set up a mighty empire, the greatest empire that the world has ever seen. This empire will be in opposition to God and God’s chosen people (the Jews). Essentially, you will be like a Hitler who actually succeeds, for a time at least. Indeed, you have a lot of other Hitler-like qualities. You are a very prideful person and this probably stems from the fact that you possess real advantages over most other people. You have what it takes to get to the top and the drive to get there. You also possess Hitler’s potential for cruelty. You enjoy watching others suffer, especially your enemies. This is because you view life as a competition. May the strong survive and may they stand proudly on top of the bones of their vanquished foes! Finally, you are very direct with your enemies and friends alike. You feel that it’s good to make your intents known to other people. Some may argue that Hitler was deceptive, but he really wasn’t. If people just read his book, they would have known his ultimate goals and how he felt about the people who stood in opposition to these goals.

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

Pride Distribution

You scored 60% on Pride, higher than 69% of your peers.

Envy Distribution

You scored 63% on Envy, higher than 80% of your peers.

Ambition Distribution

You scored 55% on Ambition, higher than 53% of your peers.

Deceitfulness Distribution

You scored 40% on Deceitfulness, higher than 25% of your peers.


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  1. They said I’d make an excellent dictator in the 21st century Amusing, but I hardly see myself as King Nebuchadnezzer.

    Comment by firetyger — Sunday, 25 August 2013 @ 1:14 AM (01:14)

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