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Monday, 22 July 2013

Random Shots for Sunday, 21 July 2013

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    Agreed, Seth.

    What’s interesting is that a good portion of military people are libertarian-leaning conservatives, if not outright libertarians. Must be something about being on the pointy end of government’s spear. Meanwhile, the “social workers” who keep the welfare state going, the Posties, etc., seem to be “lefty” “progressives.”

    What pisses me off is how all of these “social workers,” Posties and such get Veterans Day off, regardless of whether or not they actually served, simply because it’s in the AFGE or AFSCME contract. If they aren’t actual vets (discharged in good standing) they should be showing up for “work” on 11 November.

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    Ish, remember — you are what you eat.

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    Put the words “next President” in quotes — she ain’t there yet. Three years is almost an eternity on the political scene. The Big O still has to get his minions in the Congress and the state level through 2014.

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