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Friday, 19 April 2013 Introductory Survey

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Recently I decided that it’s time to resurrect The Weekly Sedition as a video series or radio show or podcast or whatever – something besides a simple blog.

Since I last produced a show at Channel 27, the station has switched hands, from Quote Unquote to uPublic TV. So recently I stopped by the uPublic offices to see what the signup procedures are – I was told to go to the site, which redirected me to the uPublic group. There I had to fill out an introductory survey to join the group. Here are my answers:

Write a short bio

I was a producer at Channel 27 for a few years and am looking to get back into the game. More information is available upon request.

Please answer these questions completely. How did you find out about his group?

UPublic — From the web and another producer.

This meetup — I talked to someone at the 3rd St NW office. He told me to sign up at, which redirected to here.

Why do you want to join this group?

To learn how to develop content for Channel 27 and other media outlets, and to “get back in the game.”

How much television program production experience do you have?

About 12 years on Channel 27 through Quote Unquote.

Do you understand that you are required to attend two mandatory classes before getting access to any other resources?

Yes. Quote Unquote has a similar requirement. Most organizations are like that, and the ones that aren’t are asking for trouble.

Besides the two mandatory classes, what other classes would you like to attend?

What’s available, and what are the requirements (costs, prerequisites, etc.) ?


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