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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Random Shots for Monday, 1 April 2013

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

  1. Posted to Facebook here, here and here

    Anyone here know any liberty-supporting hackers?

    From another group I’m in:

    “Just in case you were thinking you could get away with NOT having hackers in your opposing force . . .–1-000-bet-U-S-government.html

  2. Posted to Facebook

    Yes, Rex, what exactly are we missing here?

  3. Posted to Facebook

    The phrase “assault weapon” belongs in quotes because it’s a term dreamed up by gun-owner-hating bigots to sow confusion about the difference between select-fire rifles like the M16 and the semi-automatic rifles that are cosmetically identical (they look the same).

  4. Posted to Facebook

    I hope they move here and set up shop.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. The Daily Mail [UK] – How a team of students HIJACKED a drone in midair – all for a $1,000 bet with U.S. government
  2. Ars TechnicaBullseye from 1,000 yards: Shooting the $17,000 Linux-powered rifle
  3. BBC America – Top Gear (UK series)
  4. Thordson Customs Ultimate Bullet Button Tool, “Ingenuity Over Tyranny”
  5. Discovery Channel – The Devils Ride
  6. Guns.comUN Arms Trade Treaty Calls for Disarmament of Persons 55 and Older
  7. Fox 59 (Indiana) – U.S. moves warship, sea-based radar to watch North Korea
  8. Doug Ross – The Horrifying Chart I Recommend You Forward to Every Democrat Voter You Know
  9. The AtlanticGreat Gun Gobbledygook: The Paradox of Second Amendment Hardliners
  10. The Boston GlobeTop Pentagon thinker bemoans “civilian subjugation to the military.”
  11. ReasonRick Santorum: “We’re not the Libertarian Party, we’re the Republican Party”
  12. Preppers will die in WROL
  13. The New York Times
         Pirates of the Mediterranean
         Open and Closed
  14. Fox NewsBan on high-capacity magazines part of deal struck on strict Connecticut gun laws
  15. Adult Swim – Robot Chicken, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Squidbillies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  16. –
         New Black Panther: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People
         ‘Ten Commandments’ Rerun Beats Jim Carrey, Tina Fey & ‘Girls’

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