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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Random Shots for Thursday, 28 March 2013

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

  1. Re: A Proclamation

    Let me get this straight – on the top of your profile page here, you invite others to Come tell me how wrong I am, or, alternately, how awesome I am!, and now you’re complaining that some people actually post here with exactly that purpose?

    And for your complaint about the “barrage of asshatitude” that ends up on your every posting here, hey, I’m not the one who dreamed up the title of “Fuck Your Second Amendment.” That was your idea, so my first comment on that thread stands as typed.

  2. Posted to Facebook

    So all we have to do is claim to be Muslim and we’re above the anti-Constitutional edicts that come from Washington DC? If that’s the case, I have room for a prayer rug in the house.

  3. Shared a picture on Facebook –

    “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” is becoming “The Land of the Free, Home of the Slave.”

  4. Re: Chick Flicks Worth Watching

    Y’all forgot You’ve Got Mail !

  5. Re: A Proclamation

    @GodlessLiberal – Commenting on controversial issues requires a thick skin and a twisted sense of humor if you do it on any sort of long-term basis.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Deadspin: Reminder: Do Not Fuck With Bison
  2. C-Net: Cops: U.S. law should require logs of your text messages
  3. The Blaze: Joe Biden on Gun Control: ‘Let Me Say This as Clearly as I Can, This Is Just the Beginning’
    br />
  4. Fox Business: Cavuto, Stossel
  5. Business Insider:
         Glenn Beck Defends Gay Marriage: Republicans Need To ‘Expand Our Own Horizon’
         GLENN BECK TO REPUBLICANS: The Tea Party Is ‘Doubling Down’
  6. FX: Archer, Legit
  7. The Arizona Republic: Army vet from Phoenix charged with fighting with al-Qaida
  8. The Washington Times: Why America should have elected Gary Johnson
  9. Freedom in the 50 States 2013
  10. CBS DC: Buffalo Wild Wings Refuses Service For Police Officers Carrying Guns
  11. Guns Save Lives: 40+ Officers & ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality FPSRussia
  12. Doug Stanhope on media-generated celebrity [Newswipe S2E3
  13. Western Center for Journalism: Biden: No Ordinary American Cares About Their Constitutional Rights

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