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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Random Shots for Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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Today in history

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  1. Re: Zehn

    Re: #6 – You could give the old bat a choice: “Do you want to do it yourself, pay me to get it done, or quit sniping at me?”

    On the tech side of this – I recommend downloading and installing Libre Office. I’ve been using it for years, and Open Office before it since June, 2004. At present, it will open most MS Office file formats (including .docx) and The Document Foundation (the people behind Libre Office) is working on .pub.

  2. Posted to Xanga

    What’s funny is that I gave myself a “C” but it seems everyone else gave me a “B.”

  3. Shared a picture on Facebook –

    What can I say to ridicule this? Parodying Biden is redundant (or is that recursive?).

  4. Re: Libertarianism outside Moscow

    I don’t — Google does for me.

  5. Posted to Facebook

    When I was in the NM Army National Guard, one of the guys in my unit was a City of Albuquerque Open Space Ranger (park ranger with law enforcement powers). Anyway, this guy told us about the time they brought down someone using bean-bag rounds. Said he hit the person in the arm, broke her arm, and laughed his ass off about it as though it was the funniest thing in the world.

  6. Posted to Facebook

    Yep. If anything, I got the impression that he got off on that sort of shit. I think he’s an instructor with ABQ PD at present. If he were still on the streets, he would probably be the subject of one of William N. Grigg’s articles at some point.

  7. Posted to Facebook

    When will DirecTV pick it up?!

  8. Posted to Facebook

    OK, I just signed up for WorldTruth — my handle there is the same as here (makes things easy).

  9. Posted to Facebook

    Yeah, we’ll see.

  10. Posted to Facebook

    Grossman’s picture certainly doesn’t hurt.

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    Apparently I’m half-Greek, half-Egyptian. And the family told me I’m Polish and German.

  12. Shared a link on Facebook –

    Preach it, Brother Seth!

    “All these people care about is power. That’s all people are to them. Cogs, energy sources, to be used. They hate you, they hate freedom.”

    The Washington Times: Janet Napolitano: Immigrants will change Arizona from red to blue

  13. Posted to Facebook

    Glad you and Ish like it! What I don’t like is the FB cropping.

Notes from Life, Etc.

  1. Spent the morning getting my hot water heater replaced. I saved about ∅120 on parts. Still, hot water heaters are heavy, even after you empty them out.
  2. Using Sabayon 8 Linux from the Linux Format Issue 157 Live DVD as my OS of the Day. So far, so good. Logging on to the internet was a little strange, as I haven’t had to do that in a while.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. History Channel: Ultimate Soldier Challenge
  2. Watts Up With That?: Enivronmentalists worst nightmare? GMO’d ‘frankenbugs’ could make fuel from directly CO2
  3. The Commentator: EU apparatchiks want to silence The Commentator
  4. Adam Vs The Man: Adam VS LtCol Allen West at CPAC
  5. Bloomberg Businessweek:
         California’s Gun Repo Men Have a Nerve-Racking Job
         Five Hard Realities for Gun-Control Proponents

  6. The Washington Times: Janet Napolitano: Immigrants will change Arizona from red to blue
  7. Obama Admin. & DHS Threatens LEGALLY Immigrated Christian Family With Deportation for Homeschooling
  8. Adult Swim: Robot Chicken, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Squidbillies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  9. The Libertarian Republic: Ready for a real libertarian TV network?
  10. The Blaze: Texas Democrat Proposes Legislation That Would Remove Sheriffs Who Refuse to Enforce Gun Control Laws From Office
  11. PoliceOne: Embarrassing mugshot: Man assaults roommate who drew penis on his face

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