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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Random Shots for Friday, 22 March 2013

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  1. Re: Thanks Again for Nothing, Xanga

    I would set up Google AdSense IF they gave me veto power over what ads they post on my blogs. But they don’t, so I don’t use it.

  2. Re: Food for Lazy People

    Hot wings from Wingbasket
    Pizza from Papa Murphy’s
    Mexican take-out from Del Taco or Taco Cabana
    Chinese take-out from Panda Express
    Chips with green chile or jalapeno dip
    Most seafood
    Ham and cheese Hot Pockets

  3. Re: The “Sequester,” The Budget and Other Goodies

    I posit that greed is the desire for unearned wealth. When I use the word “unearned,” I’m referring to wealth obtained by coercive means (theft, robbery, assault, battery, taxation, eminent domain).

  4. Posted to Facebook

    Hope these help a bit ——-my-questionnaire-answers/

  5. Posted to Facebook

    For what it’s worth, I set up two groups on G+, and Nick set up a page there. To date, we get more activity on FB in a day than we do on G+ in a month.

  6. Posted to Facebook

    I thought I saw something on Facebook that indicated the FB admins were thinking of doing away with this “timeline” concept. That can’t come soon enough — been there, done that, it sucks.

  7. Posted to Facebook

    You’re not missing much by not having a Google Plus presence. “Ghost town” understates the matter.

    If anyone has ideas to get the message out there in a low-cost manner, speak up! Bonus props for style and bragging rights if you can show us how to do it outside of Fedbook or Google.

  8. Posted to Facebook

    Better yet, turn those weapons and ammo over to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who paid for them in the first place.

  9. Posted to Facebook

    Elisheva and I talked previously about doing a candidates’ panel. I’m not expecting Gary Johnson to be there, but it would cool if he did show up.

  10. Posted to Facebook

    Doesn’t matter if it’s an election year or not — notice still needs to be published in a “newspaper of general circulation” 14 days before the event for us to legally have a convention for business purposes. Otherwise it’s just a get-together. Joe Knight hammered us on this in 2006.

  11. Posted to Facebook

    Hushmail is free, but if you don’t check the account every two weeks, the admins shut it down.

  12. Posted to Facebook

    Lee is one of the Senators from Utah, but since this is a federal issue, it affects New Mexico as well.

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