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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Random Shots for Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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  1. Re: No more Stephanopoulos? RNC wants role in picking 2016 primary debate moderators

    I asked the same sort of question two years ago when the idea of Gary Johnson running for President on the Libertarian ticket was just a rumor.

    Fleischer said. “It also doesn’t come with a guarantee that anybody would broadcast it in its entirety, so it’s a risky thing to do.”

    I take it he’s never heard of this thing called “YouTube” ? Didn’t they say that they need to reach out to “young people” more?

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    Feinstein, Schumer, McCarthy et al WILL resurrect it. Count on that.

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    @TheTheologiansCafe — With “friendship” like this, don’t Pisspot and SKANKY become redundant?

  4. Posted to Xanga

    Being hated by some can be taken as a good point by others.

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    Thank you, sir, for standing up for the Second Amendment.

  6. Posted to Facebook

    Denish also blames Senator Richard Martinez for blocking HB 77

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    The Wal-Mart at Coors and I-40 doesn’t carry alcohol.

  8. Posted to Facebook

    If I were in your spot, I’d keep the Glock — why buy extras and accessories twice?

  9. Re: You are not a US citizen

    @None_May_Have_Her – “Anarchy” doesn’t mean “no rules” but “no rulers,” in this case meaning the “the people who run the system that manipulate it to their own desires.” Look up the Federal Election Commission site, look up Obama’s donations and see just how much he took from corporate donors and billionaires while he was complaining about corporations and rich people.

  10. Re: Yet More on Sequestration

    Considering that:

    1. A “cut” of 85,000,000,000 out of a “budget” of 3,800,000,000,000 is apparently a “disaster” of “epic proportions,” according to the “progressive” talking points.
    2. During this “disaster” of “epic proportions,” the “progressive” President continues to go to federally-subsdized golf outings, parties and vacation trips disguised as “diplomatic outings” and such.
    3. The EBT cards have yet to stop working, so the welfare addicts can continue with the “foodies.”
    4. The Obama Administration’s drone strikes on Third World schoolhouses continue – each AGM-114 “Hellfire” missile costs about 68,000 apiece. Maybe DoD got a bulk discount?
    5. Obama and “Cousin” Napolitano have been making the Department of Homeland Security into their own private armed force, what with the armored vehicles, ammo and assault weapons that they been buying like crazy. Between Obama catering to the hoplophobes and his own buying spree, firearms and ammo is one of the few growth sectors in the Obama economy.

    Maybe, just maybe, the “cuts” coming from the “sequester” weren’t such a “disaster” for the “progressives” after all?

Aricles from Around the Internet, with Comments

  1. Feinstein Snaps At Cruz: ‘I’m Not A Sixth Grader’ (VIDEO)

    While sixth-graders can be obnoxious hypocrites, most of them tend to grow out of that stage in life, either at the behest of their parents, or because they get the shit kicked out of them by other sixth graders.

  2. No more Stephanopoulos? RNC wants role in picking 2016 primary debate moderators

    I asked the same sort of question in the middle of 2011 while a guest on the Jim Villanucci show on KKOB 770-AM. Talk about a “duh” moment. (see above (#1))

  3. The Weekly Standard – Reporter Asks Carney: Will Obama Cut Back on Lavish Vacations, Golf Trips?

    So I guess a cut of ∅85,000,000,000* out of a budget of ∅3,800,000,000,000* really isn’t such a bad thing after all, is it? Maybe, just maybe . . . they could cut . . . a little more? Dare I suggest it?

    Never mind that no such budget has actually been passed by both U.S. House and U.S. Senate and been signed by Dear Leader Obama, as the U.S. Constitution supposedly requires?

    * These numbers are ballpark wild-assed guesstimates, of course.

    Wow – I’m getting really fired up about this, and it’s not about gun rights. So much for me being a one-trick pony, eh?

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  1. National Geographic Channel: Apocalypse 101, Doomsday Preppers
  2. Science Channel: NASA’s Mission to Mars, Aliens: The Definitive Guide
  3. The Truth About Guns: SWATting: It Could Be You!
  4. Yahoo! News (via Associated Press): Worker admits cutting 10 babies at abortion clinic
  5. History Channel: Top Gear (U.S. series)

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