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Monday, 18 March 2013

Sir Mix-A-Lot: No Holds Barred

“No Holds Barred” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

“The police, urge people, to keep their guns locked up and unloaded”
“Congress today, seems on the verge of approving gun control”

[Verse One: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
It’s, time to fight back cause the new jack black macks
ain’t did SHIT about that, whack, jackin
And I’m packin
Cause I’m down for the bank I’m stackin
And in a straight up brawl I’ll mall alla y’all
Ya try to crawl for Tylenol and I install
big fists in your face, the blow is well placed
Spray ’em with mace in case mace is his taste
Throw up the dogs, the competition is fogged
Cause he was smokin the yang, iced and drink the 8-ball
Drunk, stumblin, threw him with the lean
I sweep him, then attack the spleen
Play the congas on his backbone
He’s funk baritone until I twisted his dome
Creep up on my house and try to roll me up?
And got STUCK IN THE GUT with a black, Glock
And he starts to wobble
Self-defense is what I’m claimin’, let’s squabble
I pick up a pipe to take plenty of quick swipes
One grazed his dome and sliced his eye whites
I don’t give a DAMN bout a stupid ass burgular
It’s all circular
The dope dealer sells dope to the dope smoker
The smoker breaks in and tries to choke ya
But I ain’t the one to run from ya son
This is MY HOUSE, and it’s FULLA GUNS!
I’m down for mine and my choke is nice and hard
When you jack the boss there ain’t no holds barred!

No holds barred
No holds barred
No holds barred

[Verse Two: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
I’m crushin most hoods like katydids
I’m pleadin guilty for the damage I did
This ain’t about random violence
The (?) crept into my house, FUCK SILENCE
Now most punks wanna run for the stun gun
Fuck a stun gun, I got the big one
Forty-four mag, automatic, CHROME
Mercury-tipped bullets, melt the dome
It’s the 1990’s, and crack is
talkin to the criminals, ever so subliminal
Some crackhead wants Mix-A-Lot dead
A jack move instead, another fool bled
I can’t cry cause my tears are nearly froze
My interior’s cold, it posess my soul
I’m on the paranoid tip
And each of my socks got a clip!
When my house got robbed, a top notch job
Cops laughed while my mom just sobbed
9-1-1 only works for the rich ones
So I collect GUNS!
So step right through if you’re down for the wrong move
Most crews are moved by my twelve gauge BOOM!
How can I love when I gotta
protect my neck from a punk suspect?
Gun control – I ain’t wit it
They banned the AK and any fool can STILL get it
The innocent have been beaten, bruised and scarred
But for this citizen, there ain’t no holds barred

“It is an absolute infringement on my second amendment rights”
No holds barred
“When is this attack on gun owners going to end?”
No holds barred
“Education, versus restriction”

[Verse Three: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Hypothetical situation
Gun control starts sweepin the nation
Now you got a bunch of unarmed innocent victims
Gettin FUCKED by the system
Sittin at home with a butter knife, huh
Any fool could rape your wife
So what’s up when the criminals can’t be stopped?
The only one with guns are the COPS
But it’s hard for a brother to trust police
Huh, so the shit don’t cease
So I go downtown to buy a hot gun
I hated criminals, and now I’m one
Because I bought a gat to protect my house
The cops wanna bust me out?
So it’s illegal to protect yourself?
Hell, you either get killed, or you in jail
So when you vote
You better think about what I just wrote
And FUCK writin a note to yo’ Congressman!
You got the fool hired
Now help get the fool fired
A scary scenario
And I put it in your stereo
So when a fool tries to run up on my car
R.I.P., no holds barred

No holds barred

No holds barred

“They take aim, at the law abiding citizen, instead of the criminal”


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Random Shots for Sunday, 17 March 2013

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

  1. Re: Gun Control Mentality

    @Hunt4Truth – There are more legal guns than people.

    So what? Is this supposed to make me feel ashamed?

    Considering that America’s civilian gun owners comprise about 60% of those around the world, I have a simple proposal to solve the issue, both here and around the world:

    1. America repeals all of its gun laws.

    2. America extends immigration visas for those gun owners in other countries to bring their weapons here.

    3. For those countries that disallow civilian firearms ownership, instead of destroying what they confiscate, they can sell them to us.

    4. Americans who disapprove of civilian firearms ownership will be free to pack their stuff and leave the country, with no exit taxes or other restrictions.

    This way, everybody wins!

  2. Posted to Xanga

    No fun in pretending to be anything else, either. At least that’s been my experience.

  3. Re: Sundown at Coffin Rock

    @BlueisCoool – Glad to be of service!

  4. The Armed Defense of Liberty by Dr. Alan Keyes

    @saturnnights – The problem is that when you do try to abandon it, it responds not by just letting you go, but by doing its damnedest to keep you under its collective thumb. If you attempt to emigrate, they levy exit taxes so you don’t take “too much” of your cash with you, that sort of thing. Wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to stop you from taking your weapons with you using ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) as their “nexus.”

  5. Re: Would You Invest in Pot?

    @godfatherofgreenbay – Right on for both counts, brother!

    @ThereWillBeDragons – The knuckle dragger in question doesn’t seem to respect anyone else’s rights, no matter the issue, then still has the “balls” to hold “himself” above the rest of us. Go figure.

    For what it’s worth, New Mexico has had a medical marijuana program since 1978, but it wasn’t actually permitted to function until a few years ago. When the 112 idiots in Santa Fe did get around to it, they first wanted the State to run all aspects of it, but backed off a bit. Our current governor (a Republican who is now playing games with Obamacare and gun rights) said she would shut it down (she’s a former district attorney), but she’s settled for footdragging when it comes to getting licenses issued, that sort of thing. And she’s up for re-election next year, so this should be interesting.

    @mtngirlsouth – I would expect the next Republican president to play games on the issue, just as George Bush did from 2001 to 2009.

  6. Re: Dumbass Of The Week Award

    @Erika_Steele – For some reason, I feel oddly compelled to check my laptop screen for cracks . . . .

    @DougX831 – Your comment appears to have been deleted, but her (?) attempt at a response remains:

    @DougX831 – i dont post shit like that sorry go and find another blog mine are clean
    3/16/2013 9:12 PM HisDownAzzChick

    Let me get this straight – this person has sucked in O2 for 32 years in this condition, and is legally considered to be on par with the rest of us? I can’t think this shit up. There’s no way I can get that drunk. I would die from alcohol poisoning first.

  7. Re: Holy awkward texts, Batman

    I’ve never texted or called anyone while drunk, but a few years ago, I sent an email that came back to haunt me a bit after a few shots of Makers Mark. I learned my lesson and haven’t repeated the mistake.

  8. Posted to Facebook

    “This wasnt private property its a business.”

    And after this, you ask, “Whats this leftist BS?”

    I swear, I cannot think this stuff up.

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