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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Random Shots for Tuesday, 12 March 2013

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Today in history

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  1. Re: Time For A National Conversation – DHS Arms Buys

    I can see and hear it now from the Obamatons –

    “ur paranoid. go back to ur bunker.”
    “We need more green energy.”
    “Wait til you’re house burns down cause theres no firemen cause of the seuqester”
    “I don’t want to hear any more bullshit NRA talking points. It’s time to ban the weapons of mass destruction called assault weapons NOW!”

    Now if DHS was doing this under a Republican president, why they would be filing lawsuits, protesting in the streets, and such.

    But Obama . . . he’s THEIR guy, and thus can do no wrong whatsoever because he’s “their” guy.

    More “political debate” that makes the latest WWE feud look like Shakespeare’s finest.

    Well, during the 2008 campaign, Obama said that he wanted to create some kind of “security force” separate from existing law enforcement and the military. Now we see that he didn’t need to create one – George Bush did the leg work for him there. Obama is simply in the process of fleshing it out.

    What about the Third Amendment, which was supposed to prevent the federal government from creating and maintaining an army of occupation? Well, the Ruling Classwipes have had plenty of fun in trashing the rest of the Constitution – what makes anyone think that they wouldn’t get around to the Third at some point?

  2. Posted to Facebook here and here

    Eye on Albuquerque: Does the Guns Disposal Program equal NEW/BETTER GUNS for Participants?

  3. Posted to Facebook here, here and here

    LPNM FB status message

    “Did you know our posts only reach a small fraction of people who “like” our page unless we pay Facebook for wider distribution? You can help promote LPNM by SHARING everything we post so it gets wider exposure. Even if you don’t live in New Mexico, someone in your wider network may live here, and we’d love to have their participation! Thank you!”

  4. Posted to Facebook

    Why should we think that such a thing has not already happened between NMDPS and DHS?


    Been there, done that – retail jobs suck diseased donkey dick.

  6. Posted to Xanga

    Me too — funny the things you can learn that way.

  7. Porn Question????, and are probably the best. has really gone down the tubes lately.

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         How a bartender helped decide the election

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