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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Random Shots for Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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    [sarc] Things like this should be outlawed — very easy to get them through metal detectors! [/sarc]

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    I’ve lived in this state since July, 1994, and have only been through one of these anti-Constitutional dog-and-pony shows.

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    I carry one of my Glocks. I used to have a Colt M1991A1, but gave it up for a G17, and then picked up a G22 a year or two later.

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    Good news!

    Washington Times: Gunmakers fire back at Big Brother by pulling firearms from police, paychecks in gun-control states

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    See also here: The Police Loophole

  6. Xanga

    I’ve been busy recently with rebooting the LPNM. I’ll get back to pissing off the hoplophobes shortly.

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    That tobacco smokers didn’t take this step is a big part of why that obnoxious “settlement plan” still remains in effect. Compare and contrast what happened with the tobacco companies against Smurf and Weasel AKA Smith & Wesson.

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    This isn’t the time to “get this to the Governor’s desk,” it’s the time to KILL it.

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    I notice that most of the companies are the small ones – no Remington, Springfield, etc. I didn’t and don’t expect Colt, Glock or Smurf & Weasel to sign on.

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    Thank you for the vindication!

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    OK, I just sent one. A few days ago, I got a robocall from Jacob Candelaria, and I left a message for him there to vote against HB 77, as well.

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    Wait a second – I thought the Republicans were supposed to be in the pocket of the oil and gas industry, and the Democrats were supposed to be in the pockets of the Hollyweirders and ambulance-chasers?

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    I got a message from Peter Wirth’s autoresponder.

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    Wirth isn’t sending them at all – he’s got his email account set to send them automatically. Just like the “out-of-office” responses that people set when they go on vacation.

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    “Our bill has an exemption in terms of antiques and concealed carry . . .” – talk about not answering the question.

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    The people sponsoring and supporting HB 77 could not care in the slightest about property rights except their own – “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable (and ultimately mine).”

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    Apparently they also can’t be bothered to look up what the current federal and state laws are. Lazy bastards.

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  2. Travel Channel: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
  3. H2: UFO Hunters
  4. Gun Owners of America: Reid ‘Twisting Arms’ to Confirm Anti-Gun Judicial Nominee
  5. History Channel: Ultimate Soldier Challenge, Top Gear (U.S. series)

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