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Monday, 4 March 2013

Random Shots for Sunday, 3 March 2013

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  1. Shared a photo on Facebook –

    “This I simply could not resist sharing.”

  2. Posted to Xanga

    Been there, done that back in the 1990s. I will NOT pin shiny metal onto my collar again.

  3. Re: Evil Guns and Fools

    @flapper_femme_fatale – So if I have no problem with execut[ing] the laws of the Union, suppress[ing] insurrections, and repel[ling] invasions, that means I can buy a brand-new H&K MP7A1 from their Virginia office, have it delivered straight to my door as soon as the check clears, and carry it around wherever I go? Cool!

    @brown_buffalo , @SKANLYN – Any chance that either one of you will post the long list of your accomplishments in the military, in law enforcement, in martial arts, etc., so that the rest of us can see that your “no one needs guns” commentary is worth reading?

    @DougX831 – “SKANKLYN” wants to make life easier for home invaders, even the murderous ones, “tendollar4ways” wants to make life easier for rapists. Mr. Bill over at “vexations” just can’t understand why we won’t give them up. Our apparent function in their idea of this “debate” is to simply shut up and do as they tell us, to surrender liberty and property upon demand, “just because,” so they can have their warm fuzzy that they “got something done” and “made a difference.” That just isn’t going to happen.

  4. Posted to Xanga

    @DougX831 – This is a riot – you’re “useless” to her, yet she continues to post comments on your site. Who is she trying to convince?

  5. Posted to Xanga

    This must be Brenda AKA “flapper” saying this. I have trouble picturing her as any sort of “femme fatale” to anyone except a “liberal.”

  6. Re: My boss expects me to contribute money for non-vegan food to an award ceremony… How do I handle th

    That’s just asinine of the part of your higher-ups – why can’t they take it out of the company budget if it’s so important?

  7. Fuck Your Second Amendment

    @brown_buffalo – Let’s break the bullshit down:

    I want to be careful to say that while I think a 0 gun policy is the only safe policy,

    So much for the “no one wants to take your guns” hype.

    It’s the recent shootings that have brought the subject into the public eye, so naturally it was seized upon by gun control people.

    Wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who said “Never let a crisis go to waste?” So when your cause has been stagnant for the last ten years, 27 dead in Connecticut is just what you needed to bring it back to life, isn’t it?

    I don’t think gun control will specifically stop the kind of violence we’ve seen lately, but like I said, it’s a step in the right direction.

    “It won’t do much of anything to save lives, but let’s just do it anyway,” is that it? No thanks.

  8. Re: Attention Whore

    Cool – thanks for the link!

  9. Re: An Open Letter to All People Who are on the Governement Payroll

    The problem is that you’re not taking into account two things: the nature of the people who work for and support the existing corporate / government system, and the fact that the system rewards them for cracking down on OPPT, as well as anyone and anything else that doesn’t mesh well with how the self-appointed powers-that-be want things to run. See Down By Law to see what I’m talking about – the article talks about the government side of this, but also applies to the corporate side of the rat-race.

    The good news is that the internet is a true revolution in the way business is done – before the internet went big-time in 1995, mass communication was top-down and almost always one-way – from the top to the bottom. When the net was created, communication went multi-dimensional, and those “at the top” don’t like that aspect. Hence all the recent talk about “internet kill switches,” internet piracy, etc.

  10. Re: Fuck Your Second Amendment

    @brown_buffalo – If this particular issue does go “hot” by turning into a shooting war, I have no intentions of initiating force (starting the fight), but I want my side to be the winning side. If that time comes, I will use physical force if necessary to defend myself, my family and my friends. None of us are forcing you to buy guns or even to live amongst those who choose to own guns. Yet you have every intention of forcing your ways upon us, because you “know better” than the rest of us.

    Go over to Trunthepaige’s site where I asked one simple question, “What supportable reason do you have for wanting to own a gun?” To which you, Paige and some other ass hole have given no answer and heaped abuse on me for asking. It’s pretty obvious that one over there can answer the question, so instead they bluster.

    Considering that I don’t tell you what items of personal property you should and shouldn’t be allowed to own, you’ll have to settle for “Because I want one” as the answer.

  11. Posted to Xanga

    When we tried it back in the 1990s, the first thing the people who are crying “it’s all about the militia” now did was call us racists.

    Never mind that one of our founding members was Hispanic and is still involved in that sort of thing.

    And then there was the Jewish guy who wanted to donate $100,000 worth of radio gear and a helicopter.

  12. Posted to Facebook

    If you move to New Mexico, avoid moving to Santa Fe, Taos and Rio Arriba County.

  13. Posted to Facebook

    Still, she would be signing off on everything else to get that part about data-sharing with NICS. That’s not a good deal.

  14. Re: Fuck Your Second Amendment

    @brown_buffalo – No guns, no gun violence.

    What about violence committed with knives and blunt objects? That sort of thing has been around since recorded history began – thousands of years before guns ever existed in the first place. So now the Brits and Aussies are outlawing certain types of knives deemed to be “inappropriate” because “no one needs to have knives like that.” Not the road I want to go down.

    we should be guided by the philosophy that there really is no safe gun

    Just as there really is no safe car, no safe motorcycle, no safe chainsaw, and no safe knife. The answer there is education and training about the safe and proficient use of firearms. As long as public schools exist, they should justify their existence by teaching kids how to handle firearms properly, including the relevant legal stuff about self-defense. Throw in some martial arts and wilderness survival, too.

    and opt to deny more types of weapons which resemble military capabilities.

    There I will never agree with you – I have been around military-type firearms, both the real ones (M60 machine gun, M249 SAW, M203 grenade launcher, etc.) and the civilian-legal copies of them since 1989. Yes, I have encountered stupid people who have them. My solution to people like that is to avoid contact with possible and spread the word. My side sees a safer world when more civilians have access to these types of guns, and the knowledge of how to use them properly.

    Rather than look at it as if a certain amount of people are trying to tell you what kind of personal property you can own,

    Well, that does seem to be one of the end effects of it.

    a bunch of people who don’t want the danger of having these weapons in society are expressing their concern for safety.

    Have you ever been to a shooting range and tried one out? If you start behaving unsafely, any decent range operator will stop you in a second.

    @whataboutbahb – Yes, I’m quite aware of this. The original question didn’t seem (to me, at least) to be about the current legal state of affairs, but rather the more philosophical kind.

    And once again the “what about nukes” strawman comes out to play.

  15. Re: Fuck Your Second Amendment

    @brown_buffalo – So it’s not really about stopping people from initiating violence against others, but about taking guns away from others because, in the end, you just don’t like them?

  16. Posted to Xanga

    Either way, it is amusing. It would be interesting to watch these guys taking on La Eme or the Russians.

  17. Posted to Facebook

    Straight to the skiffy section!

  18. Shared a picture on Facebook –

    When will the Donkey and Elephant should merge together and become the Cthuloid ? Officially, I mean – that’s the de facto case already.

  19. Posted to Facebook

    Now I’m getting spam messages on my cell phone. Isn’t that nice of them?

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