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Saturday, 2 March 2013

LPBC Press Release about BCSO “Buy-back” Events


Contact: Mike Blessing, County Chair – 505-249-1248
Alternate: Elizabeth Hanes, LPNM Press Secretary

[ALBUQUERQUE] – The Libertarian Party of Bernalillo County New Mexico (LPBC) strongly condemns the use of taxpayer money to conduct so-called “buybacks” of firearms in Bernalillo County. Such activities constitute a waste of tax dollars and do nothing to serve public safety.

“First, this wasn’t a buy-back event at all. The word ‘buy-back’ assumes that you originally owned the guns and are buying them back, when the truth is that the firearms purchased by BCSO weren’t owned by Bernalillo County in the first place,” said LPBC Chair Mike Blessing. “Second, this event was advertised and reported upon as some sort of ‘public service,’ in order to ‘get the guns off the streets.’ This is code-speak from the victim disarmament crowd for getting firearms away from private citizens, whom as ‘we all know,’ ‘can’t be trusted’ with any weapon more powerful than a plastic straw loaded with spitballs.”

At the event, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office reportedly confiscated 333 firearms, some of them assumed to be stolen property. Criminals turning in stolen weapons were subsequently compensated – no questions asked – using taxpayer dollars, thereby creating great incentive for these lawbreakers to target law-abiding gun owners for burglary.

“The LPBC decries this waste of taxpayer money, not only the $50,000 paid out to individuals surrendering firearms but also the wages of law enforcement officers conducting the event,” Blessing added. “The LPBC will continue to work to abolish this sort of nonsensical activity by our county officials.”



Established in 1972 by Margaret Mathers in Farmington, LPNM is the third-largest political party in the state. LPNM seeks to preserve personal liberty and freedom by opposing new or more restrictive laws, new or more expensive spending programs, and new or higher taxes. Guided by the Non-Aggression Principle, which opposes the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals, Libertarians promote peace, personal freedom, and unfettered capitalism.

The Libertarian Party of Bernalillo County was started in December 1997 as a county-level affiliate of the LPNM.

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Random Shots for Friday, 1 March 2013

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Today in history

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  1. Posted to Facebook

    So Carol, why is it that the areas around Chicago don’t have these same levels of violent crime that Chicago does? No, I’m not interested in further “compromise” when that “compromise” consists of me surrendering liberty and property without any sort of enforceable guarantee that the proposed restrictions will in fact save lives, nor any similar guarantee that you “won’t take everything eventually.” What sort of penalty are you prepared to pay should the proposed measures fail? I maintain that they will NOT save any lives on the whole, and will in fact increase the annual death tolls.

    And you’re Idaho, from the looks of your profile. Why are you pestering us here in New Mexico?

  2. Posted to Facebook

    “Fewer and fewer of us will be able to pass the increasingly narrow security requirements… or willing to.”

    Exactly the whole point of the exercise – the death of a thousand cuts. The funny thing is that the hoplophobes insist that we accept this process without any complaint or protest, that we willingly surrender, just so they can have their warm fuzzy that they “made a difference” and “got something done” on the issue. That ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Posted to Facebook

    They’ve been calling for that sort of thing for, what is it, ten years now? Outside of “9-11” and Ft. Hood, what have their “jihadis” actually gotten accomplished? Not much that I can see. No thanks to Imperial DC and their TSA and “Homeland Security” BS.

  4. Posted to Facebook

    Here’s the chimp with the AK, for those who haven’t seen it –

    Apparently Idi Amin had his troops pass out machetes to some chimps and teach the chimps how to use them as a “security measure.” Now the chimps are teaching each other to use the machetes.

  5. Posted to Facebook

    “Strongly condemns” is the mild way of summing up my opinion of Berry and his flunkies at City Hall.

    At this point, my vote in the October mayoral election will go to Paul Heh –

    LPNM Press Release – City Oversteps Bounds in Attempting Minimum Wage Enforcement

  6. Posted to Facebook

    And maybe, just maybe, the next set of “‘nice kids’ in law enforcement” will have second thoughts about doing it to the next guy. If it comes to this point, that will be enough for me.

  7. Posted to Facebook here, here and here

  8. Posted to Facebook

    Another factor to consider: since this case concerns the back wages O’Leary claims from Szeman – 120-160 bucks – shouldn’t any judge worthy of sitting on the bench tell O’Leary to “get out of my court – this belongs in small claims court” ?

  9. Re: The best I can do . . .

    @Marica0701 – I’ve been fired (and have on occasion fired people) for far less than what “Chumlee” (not his real name) gets away with on national TV. While Pawn Stars has its amusing moments, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to work for the Harrisons. (Are Lutherans allowed to drop “f-bombs” ? )

  10. Re: Fuck Your Second Amendment

    Since this posting starts off in such a genteel and respectful manner (Fuck Your Second Amendment), all I can say here is that the sentiment is mutual from at least my corner of the gun rights side.

    Never mind that most of the gun-related crime that you profess to be opposed to happens on your turf – Chicago, DC, urban California – when the numbers are calculated on a per capita basis.

    Your problem is that there’s way more of us than there are of you, we have significant numbers of supporters in both law enforcement and the military, and if this particular “cold civil war” ever turns “hot,” well, we’ve got the guns and you’ve got your pissy attitude. Who wins that fight?

    What’s even better is that most of America’s area devoted to food production is our territory, while you’re packed into the big cities. We can live without you, but you can’t live without us.

  11. Re: [“liberal”]

    The term “liberal” was hijacked away from us by Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I aim to take it back.

  12. Re: [“gun control” supporters]

    Victim disarmament supporters would rather see a woman raped then strangled with her own panty hose than see her with a gun in her hand.


    Works for me!

  14. Re: Fuck Your Second Amendment

    @bundyinspeedos – The mandatory turn-in program was never a “buy-back” because for the Australian government to buy the guns back, they would have had to been the original owners of them.

  15. Posted to Facebook

    How I refrain from trying to fit as many four-letter words into one sentence, I don’t know.

  16. Re: The best I can do . . .

    @Marica0701 – At least Pawn Stars has some relation to history. I fail to see how the History Channel makes that connection with Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers and Swamp People. I guess it’s the same sort of theory that says that “Syfy” should carry the weekly rasslin’ episode.

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