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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wayne Allyn Romney

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——– Original Message ——–
Subject: For Your Consideration
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:47:40 -0600
From: Libertarian Party of New Mexico []
To: [Libertarian Party State Chair’s List], Robert Kraus, Carla Howell, Geoffrey Neale, Lee Wrights, Tim Hagan, Ruth Bennett, Michael Cloud, Bill Redpath, Wayne Root, Starchild, Arvin Vohra, Norm Olsen, Tony Ryan, Vicki Kirkland, Richard Schrade, Jillian A Mack, Sam Goldstein, Dan Wiener, Scott Lieberman, Brett Pojunis, Audrey Capozzi, Rich Tomasso, David Blau, James W. Lark III, Scott Spencer, Dianna Visek, Michael Knebel, John Jay Myers, Paulie Frankel

It seems that Wayne Allyn Root spent a good bit of June, July and August stumping for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (with a little bit for Scott Brown, etc.) on Fox News,, and, etc., and then posting about it to his Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is inexcusable.

I’ve never been one to join the anti-Root campaigns before, but this pushes me over the top.

I know that he said he was just giving Team Romney some “free advice.”

How would George Bush have reacted if GEN McChrystal or GEN Petraeus had put out a press release with some “free advice” for al-Qaeda or the Taliban?

SHOW ME the “branding” guy from Pepsi who gets ahead by talking up Coke in the media.

The proverbial “Duh” comes to mind here.

Hey, Wayne, I don’t have any personal animosity towards you. If you were JUST an oddsmaker posting predictions, I could let some of this slide. If you were JUST a pundit expressing your views, I could let some of this slide. And there’s too much, over too long of a time span, to blow this off as a “lapse in judgment” or “poor choice of words.”

But the fact remains that you’re ALSO the current chair of the LNCC, sitting on the LNC, and sitting on the Nevada LP’s state-level Executive Committee, while stumping for GOP candidates (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) in direct opposition to the LP’s candidates for the same offices (Gary Johnson and Jim Gray).


I’ve got a few screenshots and saved web pages. Here’s some URLs for your examination (screenshots are attached at the bottom) – I’m sure there’s more to be found, so check these URLs, too:

Articles, Radio Shows

Wayne Root on the Bill Cunningham show (700-WLW) How Romney Can Win the Presidency – This Week Marco Rubio Is Romney’s Wild Card Media is Mad Because Mitt Told the Truth? Obama’s College Classmate Speaks Out: The Scandal At Columbia That Ends The Obama Presidency

Steve Malzberg Spreecast: Malzberg / Wayne Root – Obama A Fraud? How to Turn Paul Ryan into “Obama’s Shadow”

The Blaze: What Mitt Romney Should Tell Harry Reid Message to Romney: Own The Word “Extreme”



Mike Blessing
State Chair, Libertarian Party of New Mexico
505-515-7015 /

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?
——– Original Message Ends ——–

Here’s a response to this by Alex Snitker, the Libertarian Party of Florida’s 2010 candidate for U.S. Senate:

Wayne Allyn Root: Whose side are you on?

Reason magazine coverage:

Wayne Allyn Root Is Why the Libertarian Party Can’t Have Nice Things

Wayne Root, former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Candidate and Current Member of the LP’s National Committee: “It’s Gotta Be Romney, There is No Choice”

Here’s the IPR coverage on part of Root’s antics for this year:

LP Members Express Concern that Wayne Allyn Root is Campaigning for Romney

Drudge Report Links to Wayne Allyn Root Obama / Columbia Article

Wayne Allyn Root: Media is Mad Because Mitt Told the Truth?

Is Wayne Allyn Root Leaving the Libertarian Party?

Wayne Allyn Root Tells Radio Audience to Vote for Romney


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