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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Random Shots for Wednesday, 16 November 2011

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  1. Posted to Liz Michael’s Facebook page

    Liz – IF I ever get married and find out that you’ve been sleeping with that future wife of mine, then I’ll just have to insist on the movie rights.

  2. Posted to my Facebook page

    If it wasn’t for politics, politicians, bureaucratic regulations and such, what would there be for business to corrupt?

  3. Posted to my Facebook page

    I don’t see this as any reason to cut Bush XLIII any slack.

  4. Posted to my Facebook page

    Bush’s theme that “they hate us because we are free” is tripe.

    Bush didn’t do us any favors by creating “free speech zones,” the TSA, the anti-Constitutional USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, Medicare Part D, TARP, or by bringing back farm subsidies after they were phased out by Waco Willie Clinton.

    Anyway, I’m waiting for the deluge of phone calls, emails and direct-mail postcards telling me how much “better” someone like Romney will be better than Obama just because Mitt has the “R” after his name, despite the Mitthead’s support for centrally-planned socialized health care, gun bans, and eco-fascism.

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