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Thursday, 17 November 2011

[LPNM] 2012 Annual State Convention

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Libertarian Party of New Mexico

2012 Annual State Convention

Theme – The Way Forward: Rebuilding

Venue – Quarters BBQ
3700 Ellison Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114 – See also HERE

Contact Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015

Friday, 20 April 2012

Although there is no formal program for Friday evening, for anyone wanting to arrive early, the early birds will gather in the Quarters BBQ bar area at about 6:00 PM for an informal dinner / discussion – No-host, pay-as-you-go, dinner, cocktails, and networking.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

11:00 AM   Registration and pay-as-you-go lunch, order off the menu – Ø25 per person, to include dinner in the evening
1:00 PM   LPNM Business Meeting [no charge for anyone attending ONLY the business meeting]

  • All who are registered with the State of New Mexico as Libertarians (“LIB” on the voter registration card) can vote during nominations for public office.
  • Only Caucus Members can vote during LPNM business and internal LPNM elections.
  • Visitors do not vote in any actions or activities.
  • Central Committee meeting after close of the LPNM Business Meeting.
  • See below the schedule for more details.

3:00 PM   Speaker [To be announced]
4:00 PM   Speaker [To be announced]
5:00 PM   Break [so Quarters can prepare for the dinner]
5:30 PM   Dinner [included in the registration fee]
  Family-style – includes BBQ chicken, ribs, sliced beef brisket, sliced pork brisket, hot links, with various sides, and includes your choice of iced tea, coffee, or soda [other beverages are pay-as-you-go].
7:30 PM   Keynote Speaker – [To be announced]
8:30 PM   LPNM Fundraiser Auction [Bring items to donate]
9:00 PM   Convention [and Quarters] closes

Speakers and Candidates Addressing the Convention Membership

Speakers will have 30–45 minutes to make their case, then should be open to questions from the audience. Audience members are requested to ask questions of the speaker as opposed to making statements. All speakers will be considered to have consented to being recorded, including but not limited to audio or video devices, for posting to the internet (YouTube, etc.).

Handouts for Distribution

The LPNM membership reserves the right to disavow any handouts (handbills, brochures, CDs, DVDs, etc.) offered for distribution to convention membership, as well as the person(s) doing the distributing.

Nominations for Candidates for Public Office

Anyone wanting to vote to nominate candidates for public office needs to make sure that they’re registered to vote as “Libertarian” or “LIB” as the Secretary of State prints on the voter registration cards before they show up for the Convention.

So make sure to bring your voter registration card.

Participating in LPNM Internal Business

All you have to do to participate in the LPNM’s internal business (changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, internal nominations, etc.) is to do the following (both steps are necessary, regardless of order completed):

  1. Register to vote as “Libertarian” so that your voter registration card reads “LIB” in the spot marked “PARTY” (lower right-hand corner).
  2. Sign up as what the LPNM refers to as a “Caucus Member.” Basically, this means that you’ve signed the Non-Aggression Pledge and paid $25 in dues. You can do this at the Convention itself, as we’ll have the necessary paperwork on hand.
  3. Pay the required amount for a convention membership.

Becoming an LPNM Candidate for Public Office

Anyone wanting to be a candidate for public office on the LPNM’s ballot line needs to :

  1. Register to vote as “Libertarian” before the Governor’s Election Proclamation for 2012 comes out. Usually this Proclamation is put out on the last Tuesday of January. A safe bet is to get this done at least two weeks before the Proclamation is released by the Governor’s Office.
  2. Sign up with the LPNM as a Caucus Member (see above).
  3. Get nominated by your peers at the State Convention (or a County Convention for offices contained entirely in one county).
  4. Download and thoroughly read the candidate guides available from the Secretary of State’s office, as they contain all of the details required by the State of New Mexico – filing dates, signature requirements, etc.

    See here for the guides –

  5. Read the Run for Office page at

Becoming a Delegate to the National Convention

Anyone wanting to be a delegate from the LPNM to the LP’s 2012 National Convention needs to :

  1. Register to vote as “Libertarian” before the State Convention.
  2. Sign up with the LPNM as a Caucus Member (see above).
  3. Show up at this convention and signify willingness to be a delegate.
  4. Sign up as a National member.
  5. Download and read the LP National Bylaws and Convention Rules
  6. Request a copy of the pamphlet titled Information for Delegation Chairs and Delegates.
  7. Show up at the National Convention.

Out-of-State Visitors

  1. All national-level candidates (for President, National Chair, LNC spots, etc.) are responsible for covering their own expenses, including but not limited to travel, meals, and lodging. They are, of course, free to solicit financial or other support from individual LPNM members, but the LPNM will not expend organizational resources for this purpose.
  2. The LPNM as an organization will NOT endorse candidates for any office until they have been officially nominated by an accredited affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

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  1. Mike: One correction, although the year is right at the top, further down it says April 20, 2011. I was confused for a few seconds, so others might be as well. As for speakers, do we have nomination candidates who want to persuade us? Or perhaps people speaking on behalf of candidates. e.g. shouldn't we be discussing candidates so that delegates know the sense of the party for the convention?

    Comment by Elisheva Hannah Levin — Monday, 2 January 2012 @ 11:29 AM (11:29)

  2. Thanks for the heads-up about my mistakes with the dates!I've had inquiries from supporters of three of the LP's presidential candidates (R.J. Harris, Gary Johnson, Bill Still) and from one of the candidates directly (Carl Person).

    Comment by Mike Blessing — Monday, 2 January 2012 @ 3:55 PM (15:55)

  3. I have a couple of questions:The pages says:"Register to vote as "Libertarian" so that your voter registration card reads "LIB" in the spot marked "PARTY" (lower right-hand corner)."I registered as a Libertarian last year but I haven't gotten a new voter identification card. Any idea how I go about getting an updated one?Second, the page also reads: "Sign up as what the LPNM refers to as a "Caucus Member." Basically, this means that you've signed the Non-Aggression Pledge and paid $25 in dues. You can do this at the Convention itself, as we'll have the necessary paperwork on hand."I'm a paid member of the National Libertarian Party. Is that what the above refers to or is there a state organization that one must join as well?

    Comment by ndelcastillo — Wednesday, 1 February 2012 @ 7:15 PM (19:15)

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