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Monday, 31 January 2011

Random Shots for January 2011

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Comments I’ve posted

  1. 4 January: Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    Bushevik “Terror War” stumpers now supporting terrorist group – Leading conservatives openly support a Terrorist group

  2. 5 January: Re: Suicide and the Internet

    What if you’re one of those people who sometimes doesn’t get on the net for one or two days (like some weekends for me), and you find out about the suicide after the fact?

  3. 12 January: Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    Two things to consider, folks –

    1. Carrying “weaponized” knives like Bowies is also disallowed under UNM’s rules and regulations. As are tasers, batons, contact stunguns, chemical agents (OC pepper, mace), etc. Unless, of course, you’ve gotten the proper stamp of approval from some government “law”-enforcement agency. /

    2. While the UNMPD (UNM has its own armed, commissioned police force!) will be called out for someone reported to be carrying a firearm, if they don’t know it’s in your vehicle, they have no grounds to conduct a search. /

  4. 13 January: Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    “You really only have one weapon, your mind. . . . . I suppose they’ll be asking for you to leave that at the door next.”

    I suspect that was KNME’s intent from the beginning.

  5. 13 January: Posted to Mark Quon’s Facebook Wall

    Where were the Arizona State Troopers that would ordinarily be assigned to Giffords as bodyguards? Aren’t they supposed to be close enough to her to react to situations like this?

  6. 13 January: Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    Adam, the truly important thing about this article is that he (?) spelled your name correctly.

    Don’t Tread on Wiener –

  7. 18 January: Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    I would have voted for you, too, Adam, if I had been a resident of the 3rd District. Too bad there wasn’t a write-in option for that race in the general election – people could have wrote you in like I wrote in Bill Koehler for Governor.

  8. 25 January: Re: Come on!! I*sn’t there anyone willing to ar4gue the point??

    First thing: Don’t you know how to use a spellcheck?

    Do you?

    Who is using “Spaceport’s” right now? Listen, I hope your not
    I,alongside my
    more pressing matter’s in our state ,much less our country.
    Let stop worrying
    real time event’s

  9. 25 January: Re: Tea Partiers: Please Don’t Disrespect Gary Johnson

    the RP leadership will engage in precisely the same tactics through which they attacked Adam: they will engage in a “Capt Bailey” type ad hominum assault

    And then they wonder “Why?” when libertarians such as myself respond to their unrequested solicitations for unconditional support by telling them to buzz off.

  10. 25 January: Re: Come on!! I*sn’t there anyone willing to ar4gue the point??

    Yes,I actually DO! “Spaceport’s” = More than one

    Yeah, I kind of figured that.

    nothing wrong with “real time event’s”

    Are you sure about that?

    Go donate some more money to that Anti-War/Anti-Military piece of crap Adam Kokeish. Hey, I wonder if he would use a “Spaceport”? Would be a great use of it, As long as it’s a one way trip!

    I don’t know that Kokesh is “Anti-Military” per se, but do you (or anyone else) care to show me how the occupations of Iraq for eight years and Afghanistan for nine years by American troops are sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution?

  11. 25 January: Spaceport America and its role in New Mexico’s economy

    Hey, Bill, could you upload another version of the Analysis document, in .doc format instead of .docx format? Some of us are using Open Office instead of the Microsoft stuff.

    Incidentally, I haven’t paid for software except for MS Windows since December, 2003.

  12. 31 January: Posted to Scott Rhymer’s Facebook Wall

    Ask her how it feels to want . . . ?

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  1. Jack in the Box by John Weisman
  2. Liberty for America: December 2010
  3. V (2009 series)
  4. G.I. Joe 20
  5. G.I. Joe: Cobra Special 2 / 11
  6. G.I. Joe: Origins 17 / 18
  7. G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds 3 / 4 / 5
  8. Firefly
  9. Zoboa by Martin Caidin
  10. Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, The Venture Bros.
  11. Top GearU.S. version / U.K. version
  12. Sikorsky X2 Technology helicopter achieves 250kt – Sep 2010
  13. Let Us Prey by Bill Branon
  14. Financial Freedom? by RightOfSovereignty
  15. The Besler Steam Powered Airplane (1933)
  16. Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano
  17. Kiss my what??? by Bill English
  18. Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  19. Yahoo! News: View of Retirement at 107
  20. Tenacious DNA
  21. Joe Rogan – The American War Machine
  22. Aaron Lewis performs “Country Boy”
  23. Republic Magazine Number 20
  24. Wired 19.02 (Feb. 2011)
  25. India TV: Mubarak And His Half-Welsh Wife Are Worth £ 25 Billion

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