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Monday, 3 January 2011

Random Shots for December 2010

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Comments I’ve posted

  1. 8 December 2010 – Re: Pro Libertate: "V" for Vigilante

    McConnell and two neighbors discovered that five horses and four mules – livestock worth more than two thousand pre-Federal Reserve dollars – were missing.

    This is akin to a gang running off with a few cars and pickup trucks, both in terms of utility and price. Notice that the ability of the owners to recover the property in question has decreased as the State-based system of law enforcement had increased in power.

  2. 16 December 2010 – Posted to Greg Terry’s Facebook Wall

    And if it doesn’t occur, TSA and the rest of the Heimatland Sicherheitsdienst clowns will take the credit for “stopping” it.

  3. 23 December 2010Re: “No Negroes Allowed” – Freedom Over Equality? A Strip-Club Owner Says Yes

    In the case of Libertarians, they believe that business owners should have more rights and that big government shouldn’t dictate what they can or can’t do with their business.

    Wrong answer – Libertarians believe that since this clown hasn’t initiated force or fraud against anyone by posting this asinine sign, he’s got the right to post it. Just as passerby, regardless of race, have the right to shun his business.

    I ought to know what Libertarians think – I’ve been one since January, 1994.

  4. 27 December 2010Re: To be a teacher, do you need to know how to write?

    Why should teachers be required to know how to write coherently? After all:

    Anyway, IF Ms. Skandera can reform the State Department of Education, it will be quite the feather in her cap, considering that the career bureaucrats there, in APS, et. al. seem to prefer New Mexico being in the tenth percentile year after year. How else to explain the State spending more and more every year and getting the same sorts of results?!

  5. 27 December 2010Re: “No Negroes Allowed” – Freedom Over Equality? A Strip-Club Owner Says Yes


    TeaParty/Libertarian/Republican Senator Elect Rand Paul

    There’s a bit of dispute amongst small-l libertarians as to whether Rand Paul is in fact one of us (as well as his father, Ron Paul), but neither one is a Big-L Libertarian Party office-holder. I think that Ron Paul might be a Life Member of the LP, but he and son Rand ran for office and were elected as registered Republicans on the Republican Party ticket.

  6. 28 December 2010Re: What Wikileaks Revealed in 2010

    “Ron Paul’s Ghost” ?

    Shouldn’t you at least wait until Ron Paul is actually dead first?

  7. 28 December 2010Re: Re: “No Negroes Allowed” – Freedom Over Equality? A Strip-Club Owner Says Yes

    @derektb@xanga –  When I say “small-l libertarian,” I’m referring to people who advocate for and adhere to the non-aggression principle. When I say “Big-L Libertarian,” I refer to those who have a Libertarian Party membership card in their wallet.

    Needless to say, there are some small-l types who don’t want anything to do with the LP, and there are some Big-L types who seem quite willing to say whatever it takes to win the election of the moment, regardless of principles.

  8. 30 December 2010 – Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    What are the available options?

  9. 30 December 2010 – Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    Maybe you could bump Janice out of the afternoon drive-time slot . . . ? Hey, I can hope.

  10. 31 December 2010Re: Ever wonder why they never cut spending?

    The problem isn’t just on the left.

    Exactly correct – I’m having trouble remembering all of the promised spending cuts that the GOP actually delivered upon while Republicans controlled the White House and Capitol Hill between 20 January 2001 and 3 January 2007.

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