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Friday, 29 October 2010

Random Shots for 28 October 2010

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  1. Re: George W. Bush a Libertarian?

    Actually, here’s the link. I’ll comment on Doyle’s patent idiocy tonight in a separate article.

  2. Posted to the I’m Voting Yes On 19! Facebook Wall

    Just re-legalize it – no controls or taxes necessary!

  3. Posted to the I’m Voting Yes On 19! Facebook Wall

    @Nathan, @Sean – I don’t see a state that would pass up taxing marijuana. Still, the advocates of re-legalization don’t have to use “we can tax it to pay for ____________” as a selling point.

    I like to point out to Republicans that re-legalization is a stand that favors tax cuts and being more business-friendly (especially towards small business).

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  1. 1330 – 1530 hours: Working on my Final Project for CIS 1713 XHTML Complete . . . .

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