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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Partisans of the American Southwest v.1 (A Thought Experiment)

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Partisans of the American Southwest

Blogs – Blogger / WordPress
Email groups – Google / Yahoo!


  • Networking and training – be for NM Patriots, Constitutionalists, etc., what al-Qaeda is for Islamic terrorism
  • Politics should be FUN, too

Invite selected members from LPNM, BTPNM, RGF, AC4L, TRT-NM, NM Linux / open-source groups, Friends of Capitalism, Tea Parties, RLCNM, etc.


  • Correspondence – communications / networking
  • Revolution – activism: electioneering, public speaking, rallies, street theater
  • Safety – preparedness, resistance
  • Vigilance – oversight of government activity

  1. Activities / functions of committees will probably overlap with each other
  2. Committees to consist of chair and vice-chair
  3. Put out lists of tasks that need doing

Two types of unity –

  1. Common purpose and principles – ideal path
  2. Leader tells dissenters “shut up and do as you’re told” – comes up all too often

Leadership style –

  • Lead by example is the ideal way
  • Don’t be stupid – use common sense, rational thought
  • Check your facts and premises
  • Don’t take the rank and file for granted

Invitation-only events do NOT get broadcast to the general public or membership – Send ONLY to those on the invite list.

Keep speakers local when possible – focus on developing speakers in the state. Speakers from out-of-state cost more, plus travel time makes scheduling more difficult.

Keep meals at events as no-host when possible – Saves headaches with planning

  • No worries about preferences, dietary requirements, shortages / leftovers
  • Can lessen the price of tickets at the door


  • Non-profit organizations can hold up to two (2) raffles per year, per New Mexico State Law
  • Raffle off a rifle, pistol, etc.

How to get volunteers motivated?

How to recruit?

  1. Mass appeal (warm bodies) vs snob appeal (Ex: USMC – “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”)
    1. Mass appeal – more people will join and get things done (hopefully)
    2. Snob appeal – “do you have what it takes . . .” – better quality people?

  2. Both approaches needed somewhat
    1. Create larger group for the strap-hangers and camp followers
    2. Create “elite” group for the people who get things done
    3. Selection process / standards?

Internal affairs – Allow as much transparency as possible

  • Easier to avoid “conspiracy” charges from government, media, etc.
  • Lets the membership know what’s going on
  • How can we call for openness from government if we’re not open ourselves?

Newsletter template – The Partisan – already on flash drive

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