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Friday, 20 August 2010

Random Commentary for 19 August 2010

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  1. Re: Dark Alley

    Was the man you imagined black?

    Not specifically — I didn’t picture the person as having any particular racial characteristics.

    And if you’re going down a dark alley like this, it only makes sense to have a decent flashlight on your person, say, something from the SureFire line, as well as a pistol on your belt (I prefer Glocks).

  2. Re: A Review of New Mexico’s Taxing and Spending is recommended for ourselves and the candidates for Governor..

    I clicked on, as linked to above, and got the following:

    So I changed the URL as specified in the picture above:, and got the following:

    At first, I figured, “What gives here?! Do I have to be a ‘registered’ senior citizen for this site to show me the data?” Then I re-entered the URL, this time taking out the “www.” :, and the data shows up.

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