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Monday, 2 August 2010

Random Commentary for 1 August 2010

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    The Hard Rock Casino is theoretically in Bernalillo County, as the county line kind of splits the Isleta Reservation in half, east-to-west. But as the Casino is on the reservation side of the line, it’s not subject to County rules, regulations and such. The Casino is about 3500 feet south of the northern border of the reservation.

    “And the Hard Rock etc. is a private company,”

    Is it, really?

    I asked one of my supervisors there if the Casino was a private or public entity. His response? “We can play it either way.”

    The Casino itself might have some of the trappings of a private company, but it’s owned and operated by the tribal government —

    The general manager and top management are hired and fired by the Tribal Council, which is elected in public elections held on the reservation.

    All of the vehicles owned by the Casino have G-number state government plates — the same kind that you see on APD, BCSO, NMSP cruisers.

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