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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

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Watched Pawn Stars, now Robot Chicken and ATHF


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Finished _Inside the Aspire One_ (published by Linux Format magazine) earlier today.

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Just finished Star Wars: Legacy #49

Random Commentary for 5 July 2010

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Today in history

Comments I’ve posted

  1. Re: Gary Johnson’s Veto Record At Risk

    I’m thinking that this is a record for Susana to beat. IF she can get elected in November. IF the Legislature is dumb enough to send a sufficient number of bills to her to be vetoed.

  2. Re: Sen. Graham predicts Tea Party movement will eventually ‘die out’

    I don’t know if it can be called a principle, but he does seem to have something guiding his actions and speech – the desire to obtain and keep power over others for himself.

    Of course, should this creep run for President in 2012 or 2016, the Republicans will close ranks behind him because “the Democrat will be worse,” just as they did behind McClown the Manchurian Senator in 2008.

  3. Dan Halen for Governor

    Promising You Whatever You Need to Be Promised

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