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Friday, 25 June 2010

Random Shots for Thursday, 24 June 2010

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  1. Re: Denver rakes in $1,023,308 in 5 months: marijuana tax

    So-Called “Solutions” To Fix this Debt Crisis

    Nothing “so-called” about these proposed solutions, unless the reader is an employee of the program being cut.

    Selling off state assets (surplus equipment and state office buildings).

    Just how much does government need to carry out its only legitimate excuse for existing — the protection of our individual liberties?

    Eliminate or permanently alter Medicaid and retiree benefits.

    Why am I not “entitled” to all sorts of tax-subsidized handouts?

    Where’s my bourbon, porn, and hot wings, all subsidized by an Act of Congress and/or the Legislature?

    Oh, that’s right — I have to pay for what I want out of my own pocket. Shame on me for wanting my share of the unearned goodies.

    Increase the number of people who leave prison and lower the number who re-offend and return.

    Do this by repealing bad laws for victimless “offenses” requiring imprisonment for the “violators,” such as those against —

    • drug usage
    • gambling
    • prostitution
    • printing “TAXI” on the side of your car and exchanging rides for money sans the approval of the PRC
    • operating a lemonaide stand without a “business license” and “inspection certificate”

    Replacing school teachers with “online courses” for middle and high school students.

    What’s wrong with questioning the legitimacy of the NMFT, AFT, NEA and other protected unions?

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