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Friday, 18 June 2010

The 100-Word Challenge

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New Mexico Turn Around posts a challenge for the rest of us

CHALLENGE: In 100 words suggest a solution for the economic mess toward which we head.

Oh, really?

Here’s my response — let’s see if I actually need the full 100 words . . .

  1. Cut spending across the board — no special handouts for anyone.
  2. Cut taxes across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  3. Repeal regulations across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  4. Repeal bad, wasteful laws across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  5. Bring the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else.
  6. Return to a sound money system (gold? silver?) for government transactions.
  7. Repeal legal tender laws.
  8. Repeal any law repugnant to the written U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights.

I count 80 words.

And I dared to use That Word Which Shall Not Be Uttered In Contemporary Politics — “repeal” — not just once, but four times! Shame on me!


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