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Friday, 18 June 2010

Shifty Self-Promotion WILL Bite You in the End

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Subject : Filmtub
From    : ShamelesslyRed

I hate Xangan drama. Sometimes however, it’s a necessary evil. For all of you who don’t know, then this is your heads up. A certain blogger of movie reviews is creating mass Xanga accounts to rec his own posts to shove himself to top blogs. The fact alone that he does this, deserves a public reprimand from our community. He does not deserve a slot on the front page of Xanga. His peers are not sending him there by overwhelming support and approval of his writing, but he sends himself there by rec’ing and commenting his own posts. He should have our pity for doing such a thing, and our collective rebuke.

Fwd : from buddly47:

All of his created troll sites are friend locked or brand new accounts with no posts or comments except comments from him. And their user names are ones I don’t think any of us will recognize.

Let’s get him taken down?

His latest entry is here.

The other day he was no. 3 on top blogs with 49 rec’s. 44 of them were from his own troll sites. WTF?

Thanks Buddly for the heads up!

I think that in the end, “filmtub” will get tired of logging in and out of 40-50 different accounts, each with its own username and password.

To set each of those accounts up, “filmtub” had to have a distinct email address. Now this can be done with Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail, but still, it’s a lot of headache, considering the meager returns.

Another way “filmtub” could do it is to have a separate computer for each account, in addition to a separate email address and password. This way, “filmtub” wouldn’t have to spend the time logging in and out of each account. But in this case, the extra space required, the extra expense on the electric bill, the additional heat all of these machines would generate . . . .

Or “filmtub” could pay unemployed college students to set up these accounts and post the requisite comments. That seems to be the way that message board spammers get around the CAPTCHA requirements.

No matter how it’s being done, I think “filmtub” will soon return to more lucrative ventures, like sending out email spams for penis-enlargement pills, “r0llex” watches and the like. Why? Blogging is a “pull” type of marketing, where you have to entice the prospective reader to click the link and read the page, whereas email spamming is a “push” type of advertising, where the message ends up in the recipient’s inbox regardless of their wishes. Much as people complain about spammers, they must be making some money off it, or they wouldn’t do it.

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