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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Random Commentary for 9 June 2010

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  1. Re: Doublethink: Solar Reduces Electricity Prices

    You’re forgetting the closet-full of lead-acid batteries (just like the one in your car) that the photovoltaic system is used to charge and recharge, so that you can have power at night.

    Last time I checked, lead-acid batteries aren’t exactly what you would call “environmentally friendly.”

    Now it might be a good idea to add a windmill to a photovoltaic system. That way, you might get some more power during bad weather.

    Either way, you’re still stuck with a pile of car batteries in a closet somewhere.

  2. Re: Budd Dwyer’s Suicide

    I was living in Philadelphia and remember seeing this on the local (lamestream snoozemedia) broadcast. I agree — a good example for the rest.

  3. Re: Mitt Romney on the BP oil well — “America needs a leader”

    Lemme guess, Romney is offering himself up for the role of Leader . . . ? NO THANKS! Hasn’t the GOP put up enough gun-banning, big-spending, big-government types as candidates?

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